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8 Do’s and Don’ts for a Summer Wedding

Fall months are always a contender, but due to the (generally) mild weather and relaxed vibes of June, July and August, couples love planning summer nuptials! There are pros and cons that come with planning a summer wedding, so read our do’s and don’ts below!

Blink Box Photos

Blink Box Photos


  • Choose a venue with shade

If you’re choosing an outdoor venue or plan for guests to be outside at any point, make sure that guests can find relief from the sun and hot temperatures. The last thing you want to see is your groom’s grandma fainting during the precessional! 

  • Have a backup ceremony option

Brides frequently choose summer dates for their big day with an outdoor ceremony in mind, but even if your venue location experiences mild weather year round, you never know! Always have a backup plan, whether it’s inside the reception area or a local indoor venue.  

  • Serve seasonal food

In the heat of an early August night, avoid serving heavy food that won’t mix well with warm temperatures. Opt for fruit and veggie hors d’oeuvres, summer salads and grilled proteins! This is the perfect opportunity for a fun ice cream sundae bar. 

  • Prep your guests

In addition to shade, give guests all the tools they need to withstand a fun night in the heat. Offer mini sunscreen and bug spray before the ceremony. You can print your ceremony programs on paper fans and even offer cheap flip flops for guests to dance in. Be creative and functional!

Gloria Mesa Photography

Gloria Mesa Photography


  • Bundle up

Think about the duration of your day when you’re planning your big day ensembles. You might want to forgo lace sleeves and your groom may opt for a seersucker blazer instead of the full-blown tuxedo. Even if you want to dress formally for the ceremony, have a backup plan in mind for the outdoor reception.

  • Leave food out

This is easily forgettable but so important! Your caterer will be in charge of preparing and monitoring food – but make sure you don’t grab a shrimp cocktail, get caught up talking to your cousins and then eat it hours later. That’s a stomach ache waiting to happen! 

  • Ditch Save-The-Dates

In this day and age, brides are going paperless and asking guests to RSVP online. This saves money (and the environment) but keep in mind that the summer months are usually spent vacationing with family, celebrating graduations and family reunions. Make sure your guests are well aware of your date months ahead of time. 

  • Forget your makeup bag

Brides should always have a makeup bag with a tube of lipstick, water-proof mascara and bobby pins in tow, but summer brides especially! Bring a travel-sized deodorant, hairspray, perfume and oil-blotting sheets. Chances are, if you didn’t cry off your makeup, you’ll probably sweat it off by the cake cutting. Make sure you’ve got your backups and enjoy the night!