On your big day, you deserve to look and feel your best in your dream bridal gown. With wedding dress styles that range from vintage to modern to boho, there are so many designs from which to choose. Whether you feel most glamorous in breathtaking beadwork or sexiest in a structured silhouette, you are sure to find the perfect dress to complete your wedding-day vision.

Common Questions

When should you start shopping for a wedding dress?

A wedding dress sets the tone for your wedding, so brides should start shopping for a bridal dress 9 to 12 months before their wedding (although rush options are sometimes available). If you put off shopping until the last minute, alterations may not be possible and it will limit which gowns are available to you. Before you start shopping for your wedding dress, check out the seven things you need to know about dress shopping!

What do you wear under a wedding dress?

It’s super important to have the right undergarments for your wedding dress. Shapewear and the right bra will make sure you look your best on your wedding day. Make sure any undergarments match your skin tone.

Where can you buy a wedding dress?

There are literally thousands of wedding dress stores worldwide so finding a place to shop is not hard! Do a little research, read some reviews and check out which designers you like to see where that line might be available near you.

Why are wedding dresses white?

The white wedding dress was popularized in Western culture in the 19th century by Queen Victoria when she wore a white lace wedding dress to marry Prince Albert. In other cultures, brides often wear red to symbolize auspiciousness. Today, wedding dresses come in a variety of colors! From white and ivory to moscato and rum - different colors and underlays allow you to totally customize your bridal style.

Which wedding dress will suit my shape?

Fortunately, there is a wedding gown silhouette for every bride! No matter what your size or shape, gowns can be made to suit a woman’s body perfectly. A-line wedding dresses will be the most universally flattering while something like a sheath style dress works well with an hourglass shape. Learn more about wedding dress styles and silhouettes.

What should I look for when buying a wedding dress?

When looking for a bridal gown make sure to be true to your personal style. Look for a dress that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable. Also, think about where you’re getting married and if the dress suits the time of year and the venue of your wedding.

What do you do with your wedding dress after the wedding?

After the wedding, most brides will preserve their bridal dress as a keepsake from their wedding day.