Summertime …  and the wedding dress shopping is easy! Let your sun-kissed beauty shine through low-skimming backs and lace-embellished cutouts, while sweeping chiffons and unfinished hemlines breathe with life and movement at every step. Inspired by balmy breezes and glowing nighttime soirees under the stars, let these summer wedding dresses embrace and celebrate your beauty in its most natural state—the way it was always meant to be.

Common Questions

Where can I buy a summer wedding dress?

Bridal shops carry a variety of bridal silhouettes, sizes and fabrics in store year-round. Be sure to call ahead of your appointment to specify you are looking for a summer wedding dress so your bridal consultant is aware of your expectations and can be prepared during your appointment. Check out one of our many retailers to find the summer wedding dress of your dreams!

What is a summer wedding dress?

A summer wedding dress is often characterized by sleeveless silhouettes and lighter fabrics. Beach wedding dresses, casual wedding dresses and boho gowns are often very popular for summer weddings.

What are the best fabrics for a summer wedding gown?

The best fabrics to wear for a summer wedding can vary depending on the bride and the location. For summer weddings, we recommend lighter fabrics like chiffon and tulle to keep brides comfortable during your wedding day. Check out our Summer Wedding Dresses Blog for some inspiration!

Can you wear a long sleeve wedding dress in the summer?

It is your wedding so you can wear whatever you want! We encourage brides to wear a dress that makes them feel the most comfortable and confident version of themselves. For a summer wedding, we recommend wedding gowns with lighter fabrics and dresses designed more for the summer, like beach wedding dresses and sleeveless gowns - that way, you can still get your look without compromising comfort.

Are summer wedding dresses available year round?

Yes, summer wedding dresses are sold year round. Because it usually takes four to six months for a wedding dress to arrive once it is ordered, wedding dress stores will often carry styles for summer weddings throughout the year.