No-fuss brides, take note — these casual wedding dresses are for you! Ranging in silhouettes and exquisite fabrication, these relaxed wedding gowns feature all the detailing you want on your wedding day. Casual wedding gowns are made for a variety of wedding-day celebrations. From beachy to garden-party perfect, the laidback, casual air about them will leave you feeling relaxed on your big day.

  • simple long sleeve casual wedding dress - D3636 by Essense of Australia

    Best Casual Wedding Dresses

    Desire a laid-back style for your wedding day without compromising on the traditional bridal vision? Look no further!

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    A Casual Wedding Dress for Every Bride

    Let’s delve into how you can incorporate a hint of minimalist charm into your special day, forging a whimsically laid-back aesthetic!

Common Questions

Why wear a casual or informal wedding dress?

If your personal style is typically casual or informal, you may feel more comfortable wearing a casual wedding dress! A casual wedding dress can sometimes be more comfortable than a formal wedding dress and is much more simple in nature.

Where to buy a casual wedding dress?

Casual gowns are available at your nearest wedding dress shop. Find a bridal store near you and bring in any examples of casual wedding gowns you want to try on during your appointment.

What is a casual wedding dress?

A casual wedding dress is typically a simple wedding dress with minimal detailing. Low key in styling, these gowns are many times also considered informal. A bride may choose a casual wedding dress to reflect her own style and personality or to highlight other aspects of the wedding.

Do casual wedding dresses come in plus sizes?

Yes absolutely! Because casual gowns typically refer to the detailing rather than the construction, it is possible to purchase a casual wedding dress in a range of sizes.

What venue is good for a casual wedding dress?

A good venue for a casual wedding dress could range from a beach wedding to a city hall courthouse wedding! Casual wedding dresses work for a variety of wedding venues.