When the snowy season comes around, our winter brides will still look spectacular in our collection of winter wedding dresses. Designed for the perfect winter wedding moment, our wedding gowns will pair perfectly with a fur stole for a gorgeous cold-weather bridal style. From elegant long sleeves, to striking ballgown silhouettes, and even a touch of sparkle for festive holiday weddings, you’re sure to make a bridal style statement on even the chilliest wedding day.

Common Questions

What is a winter wedding dress?

A winter wedding dress is often characterized by sleeves and heavier fabrics. Long-sleeved wedding dresses, as well as lace gowns, are often very popular for a winter wedding. Fuller silhouettes like a ballgown or A-line wedding dress are also great for a winter wedding.

When do winter wedding dresses come out?

Winter wedding dresses are available year-round! Because it takes up to four months for a wedding dress to come in once it has been ordered, wedding dress stores will often carry styles for winter wedding dresses throughout the year, so you don’t need to wait until colder weather to shop for a wedding gown.

Where to buy a winter wedding dress?

You can buy winter wedding dresses at any wedding dress retailer! Most bridal shops will carry a variety of silhouettes and fabrics in store year-round. If you live in a warmer climate, be sure to call ahead of your appointment and specify you are looking for a winter wedding dress so your bridal consultant is aware of your expectations and wants. .

When to buy a winter wedding dress?

First things first, even though it’s the best if you don’t want to save this task for last. Once you decide on a gown, you’ll need six to eight months to have it wedding day-ready. Alterations can take up to eight weeks, so if you’re a picky shopper or are wanting a custom gown, you’ll need to build that into your timeline.

What to wear under a winter wedding dress?

Your undergarments for a winter wedding dress should be nude and not visible. You will want to wear a strapless bra and possibly some shapewear.