Essense of Australia Style D2819

Shapewear for Wedding Dresses | Bridal Shapewear 101

You asked, we’re answering! Quite possibly our most requested blog post to date, we’re finally sharing the best shapewear for your wedding dress! Let’s be honest, everyone wants to look their absolute best on their wedding day. At the same time, you want to be comfortable, be able to let loose and maybe even eat the food you paid for! So today we are sharing a few amazing bridal shapewear options that will pair well with various wedding dress styles.

We highly recommend working with an experienced seamstress to ensure your wedding dress properly fits your body. A seamstress can also add bust cups to any of our styles for additional support. An experienced seamstress may also be able to tailor shapewear to match the style of your wedding dress. Keep these things in mind when selecting shapewear for your wedding!

Bridal Shapewear for a Backless Wedding Dress:

Perhaps the biggest qualm women have about buying a backless wedding dress is that they don’t feel supported at the front of the dress. We’re about to change your life and blow your mind! We found some incredible shapewear and bra options to wear under your backless wedding dress.

This is quite possibly the most amazing thing ever invented: the backless bodysuit. This incredible bodysuit is the solution to all of your wedding dress woes. There’s a plunge in the front so that it accommodates various wedding dress styles. There are clear adhesives on the sides so that you can’t see them if your wedding dress had side cutouts. It’s also cut into a thong so that you can’t see panty lines through your wedding dress. The best part? It sucks in your tummy and will make you feel incredible in your wedding dress! You can also remove the straps to make the bodysuit strapless if they will show in your dress. You can wear this bodysuit with SO many different dress styles like Style 7519 from Stella York, Style D3544 from Essense of Australia or Style 1381 from Martina Liana!

Backless Bodysuit

This bodysuit would also work well with a style like Style 6710 from Stella York.

Here is another backless bodysuit like the one we showed above! This would be ideal for a dress with a very low plunge or an open back-or both! You can remove and unclasp the straps based on what your wedding dress needs.

Bridal Shapewear for a V-neck Wedding Dress

Next up we have a few great options for additional support under your V-neck wedding dress. While some women may feel intimidated by the idea of a sticky bra, there are many amazing options out there. If you are looking for more support in your dress but it has a low back and a plunging neckline, meet your new best friend! This bra is unique because it lifts the girls up instead of pulling them to the side like most sticky bras. This bra would work for a wedding dress with a deep V-neck and wide straps to cover the silicone straps of the bra that come up over your shoulders. This would work well for a dress like Style 6758 from Stella York where you want your cleavage to be pulled up. Make sure that you angle the silicone straps to match the angle of the straps of your wedding dress.

Stella York Style 6758

Silicone Lift Bra

This Backless Strapless Plunge Bra is also an incredible option. The bra adheres to the body by clear silicone straps, making this bra ideal for a gown with side cutouts. This would be a great option for a strapless gown with sheer side paneling.

The Backless Strapless Plunge Bra would work with a dress like Style D2819 from Essense of Australia.

Essense of Australia Style D2819

If you’re looking for a very supportive undergarment, this Va Bien Plunge Bodysuit has tons of support and coverage. The straps are removable if you have a strapless dress or thin straps where the undergarment will show. Keep in mind that if you have sheer paneling or side cutouts on your dress, you might want to find an undergarment with less coverage.

Va Bien Plunge Bodysuit

Wear this full-coverage bodysuit with a style like D2317 from Essense of Australia

Essense of Australia Style D2317

For even more coverage, we recommend this Low Back Plunge Bodysuit. This shapewear will help smooth everything out underneath your wedding dress. It also has a plunge and a low back which is always a plus!

These No Show Panties are also a great option for a variety of dresses where you can’t wear anything too high waisted under your gown. They still provide the tummy control that you’re looking for and the delicate lace will prevent panty lines from showing through your dress.

Bridal Shapewear for a Crepe Wedding Dress

Crepe gowns can sometimes be tricky because you don’t want every lump and bump to show through but you also don’t want noticeable shapewear lines. We found a few options that would be ideal to wear under crepe wedding dresses or any other style you see fit!

This high waist thong is seriously amazing! This will provide fantastic support throughout your waist and conceal your belly button.

Additionally, we think that a more fuller coverage option is ideal for crepe wedding dresses. Shapewear like these control top footless pantyhose are great because the lines from the hem of the shapewear won’t show through since they’ll extend to an area where your dress that isn’t clinging to your body.

Wear the control top footless pantyhose with a dress like Style D2717 from Essense of Australia

Essense of Australia Style D2717

If you’re worried about the seam at the top of your dress showing, this open bust catsuit provides maximum coverage. This style features breathable fabric so don’t worry about being too hot! There’s also a plus size shapewear option!

Pro Tip: 

Plus-size model, blogger and real Martina Liana bride Caralyn Mirand Koch recommends placing a cotton ball inside your belly button and then placing a large bandaid over it and then putting on your shapewear in order to avoid having an indent at your belly button! Check out her blog post about her wedding shapewear experience Wedding Shape Wear: You’ll Never Guess What’s Underneath The Dress for more! 

We hope this blog helped you with what to wear under your wedding dress! Remember that you can work with your bridal consultant and seamstress to tailor your undergarments to best suit your dress! We recommend using fashion tape or small stitching to ensure that your shapewear doesn’t show or move out of place throughout the evening. 

Are you still looking for a dress? If you were worried about what to wear under your dream dress, we hope this helped put your mind at ease! Visit our website to find an Essense of Australia, Martina Liana or Stella York retailer near you!