• Finding Your Signature Scent For Your Wedding Day

    Scent is a silent language. A language that says more about you than you think. People remember beautiful fragrances, in fact, once I ran into a long lost friend and as I hugged him he exclaimed “OMG! You still even smell the same! Custard tart!” I didn’t quite expect that reaction to my scent. During […]

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  • Desert Island Beauty Products

    Could there be a more difficult blog to write in the universe than your Top 10 desert island beauty essentials!? To whittle down the hundreds of brilliant products I’ve found over multiple decades .. Eeeek! Really, you should see what I travel with on holidays. The “lively” debates I’ve had with my “no checked bags […]

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  • Hips Don’t Lie: RIP Side Booty

    In my classes I rarely use correct anatomical terms when explaining the area on the body we are targeting. What fun would that be? All of my students know that, according to me, we have 3 butts. The booty that is supposed to be there (butt 1), the one just under the one that is […]

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