• All About Arms Part One: Shoulders

    As you prepare for your wedding day, you’ll think about every detail. From the save-the-dates to sparklers (or confetti, or bubbles, or glitter, or kittens) and everything in between, you’ll obsess over each moment however major or miniscule. And it’s no stretch to assume that you’ll spend a painstaking amount of brainpower on your own […]

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  • The Best Sunscreens You’ll Need This Summer

    This blog is close to my heart. For so many reasons- No.1 I’m quite possibly the palest person on the planet and No.2 I have had four skin cancers before the age of 43. Being Australian we know so much about the sun. The hole in the ozone is pretty much right outside my house! […]

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  • 5 Hair Do’s & Don’ts Before Your Wedding

    I almost want to laugh as I start to write this blog. Laugh and maybe cry a little at all the hair disasters I’ve had right before an important event. I have ended up with a yellowy cotton candy hair color two days before I was to attend a wedding. You know when your boyfriend […]

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