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  • Best Wedding Makeup for Blondes

    Like all hair colours it’s essential to understand if you’re cool, neutral or warm so you can look your best when either choosing outfits or makeup. Of course, knowing your colouring will also help you choose the best hue when trying on your wedding dress, making you shine even more on your big day. Being […]

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  • Best Products for Fine Hair

    For the fine haired philly’s, life can be tough, making every strand count is your mantra! Those with finer hair know all too well things can head south pretty quickly if you use the wrong products or don’t know how to work with your hair. Hairstyling is tough for most people. However for those with […]

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  • Matte Makeup for Summer

    AHHH Summer..the season when we go from glow to WHOA! It’s my favourite time of the year but going from glow to greasy is pretty easy in the hot and humid summer months. Planning a summer wedding on a beach or in a secret garden needs your undivided attention when it comes to your makeup […]

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