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  • The 5 Minute Beauty Routine

    I say YES! To the 5 minute makeover. Yes to not grooming yourself to an impossibly high standard that is too often seen on Youtube or Instagram. Yes to being closer to your natural and beautiful self and yes to saving those precious minutes and spending them on something more important than makeup! Sounds crazy […]

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  • How To: Fight Frizz

    I can talk confidently and answer many beauty questions thrown at me; this topic is way too close to my heart (and hair). The dreaded frizzy hair rears its ugly head-yes to take that literally and can ruin ones day in an instant! Enter the ponytail or cap! Frizz is caused by a lack of […]

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  • How To: Styling Your Post-Workout Hair

    Working out is a necessary evil and as your big day approaches you still want to stay looking cute and fresh and not a hot sweaty mess. Let’s face it, washing hair every day is a chore at best. Not only is it time-consuming but it also strips your hair of natural oils and sends […]

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