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  • How to Fix Your Biggest Bridal Beauty Emergencies

    911…….. “WHATS YOUR EMERGENCY?!” CALLER.. “I WOKE UP WITH A PIMPLE” 911… “MAAM, THIS IS NOT AN EMERGENCY!” CALLER… “IT’S MY WEDDING DAY!” 911… “EMERGENCY SERVICES ARE ON THE WAY MAAM..STAY ON THE LINE..” We never think we will be the ones to make “THAT” call but your wedding day arrives and after all your […]

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  • How To: Make Your Makeup Last Throughout the Day

    Summer is HOT… So how do we sparkle through the hottest season (literally) on the calendar without our faces sliding down to our knees? It’s been known to happen I’m not being dramatic (maybe a little) you all know what I’m talking about. The very last thing you need on your wedding day is you […]

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  • Best Wedding Makeup for Blondes

    Like all hair colours it’s essential to understand if you’re cool, neutral or warm so you can look your best when either choosing outfits or makeup. Of course, knowing your colouring will also help you choose the best hue when trying on your wedding dress, making you shine even more on your big day. Being […]

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