Bridal Inspiration
  • Playlist Series: Songs that Keep the Dance Floor Packed

    We’ve all been to one of those weddings where the DJ isn’t quite reading the crowd and dance floor is kind of a dud. Today, we’re tackling one of the most popular planning questions: how to keep your dance floor packed! We’re giving you the rundown on how to tell you DJ exactly what type […]

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  • How To: Shape Your Brows

    Brows are the be all and end all when it comes to beauty. That’s a bold statement coming from a makeup artist who has worked professionally for 26 years. It’s a true statement. Brows can make or break beauty. Beauty is all about shape and symmetry. Since medieval times mathematics has been a part of […]

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  • The Secret to Beautiful Indoor Wedding Photos

    We’ve all seen those insanely gorgeous, incredibly expansive wedding photos of a couple in a wedding chapel or in a field with the wind blowing through the bride’s dress. But how do photographers get those shots? Well, it’s all about planning! Abigail Tocci Creative Whether or not you’re planning on having any part of your […]

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