Wedding Dresses with Sleeves
Vintage Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

Looking to add a touch of luxury to your wedding-day style? Look no farther than wedding dresses with sleeves. Once thought of as the staple for traditional gowns, gowns with sleeves have grown to become one of the most popular options amongst brides. From off-the-shoulder silhouettes, to vintage inspired beaded cap sleeves, there is an option to suit every bride and her beautiful bridal style.

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Buyer Beware

For many brides, your wedding dress may be one of the most sentimental dresses you ever purchase. We work tirelessly with our authorized retailers to ensure that you not only get the wedding gown of your dreams, but that you get the experience of a lifetime as well.

Please be aware! Our wedding dresses are not available to purchase online. They can only be purchased through one of our authorized retailers you can find below. If you see one of our dresses listed for sale on a web site, it is most likely a cheap knock-off. It is heartbreaking when we hear horror stories from brides who innocently bought their wedding dresses online, only to receive it in a shamble, looking nothing like the beautiful photo they fell in love with.

For more information in counterfeit wedding dresses, see this "Buyer Beware" post on Pretty | Happy | Love.

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