A classic silhouette for the traditional-meets-romantic bride, A-line wedding dresses are the style you’ll want for your wedding day. Completely figure-flattering, A-line gowns can be worn at any celebration. From gowns that are slightly boho to styles that bring the glamour, there is an A-line wedding dress for every bride!

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Common Questions

What is an A-line wedding dress?

An A-line wedding dress is characterized by its silhouette which has a distinct “A” shape. Typically, A-line gowns are fitted in the bodice and flare out at the waistline. The skirt is typically full but not voluminous in the same way a ballgown skirt would be.

Where to buy an A-line wedding dress?

A-line wedding dresses are a popular, classic wedding dress silhouette so most retailers will carry a wide selection of A-line gowns. Find a bridal boutique near you!

Do A-line wedding dresses look good on everyone?

One reason A-line wedding gowns are so popular is that they are universally flattering on all body types. Whether you have an athletic build, an hourglass, or even a pear shape, definitely try on an A-line silhouette.

What is the difference between a ballgown and an A-line wedding dress?

Ballgowns are one of the most traditional silhouettes when it comes to a wedding dress. Typically, ballgown wedding dresses are made with a wide, full skirt, most often achieved by using crinolines or layers of tulle to achieve fullness. A-line wedding dresses, on the other hand, are halfway between a sheath silhouette and a ballgown. The silhouette flares out at the waist but with less drama than a ballgown and has a fitted bodice. A-line wedding dresses are named for the way it creates an “A” shape on the body.

What to wear under an A-line wedding dress?

Because A-line silhouettes are super flattering, choosing the right underwear is easy! It really depends on what the bodice of your dress looks like. If you have a plunging neckline, you’ll want to wear a strapless plunge bra or a silicone sticky bra, for example. As far as underwear goes, you’ll be able to go with more than a few options and as long as you wear something flesh-toned or nude, you’ll be good to go!