Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

Sue Marshall is one of Australia's leading make-up artists, and we are thrilled to work with her on all of our photoshoots.

Today, after 21 years, Sue is a well-established, experienced makeup artist with an impeccable reputation for her attention to detail and undeniable high quality of work. Her appreciation for the aesthetics of make-up application and commitment to her craft are evident in every stroke of the brush. Sue's talents have been recognized with her winning Australian Makeup Artist of the Year for 2012 and 2013. She is the quintessential beauty expert whose distinct talent and dedication to make-up, health and beauty make her an influential voice in the industry.

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  • How to Get Your Skin Summer Ready

    Ever wonder what it takes to be an A-Lister to glow with an otherworldly luminesce? You know the kind of incandescent glowing skin that feels like suede to the touch. Flawless, buttery complexions are there to be had if you put in the time and effort. If you have a summer wedding approaching its best […]

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  • Nail Polishes for Spring

    There’s something about this seasons delicious and hottest nail hues that leave me yelling at the top of my lungs “well colour me happy!”. Icy silver metallic polish with crystals, tangerine polish with fingers dipped with glitter- 2018 spring has definitely sprung! With Denim being so hot this Spring, there could have been a squeal […]

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  • Laser Treatments 101

    It’s a new world. We are living in an age of artificial intelligence, where we can call out to Alexa-I’m awake and she starts the coffee machine brewing. As we move forward in beauty, anti-aging advancements also have taken giant steps at a rapid pace with the latest technology being superseded by the newest anti-aging […]

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Hair Removal

    Barely there body hair is something most women (remember it is your choice) feel strongly about. I mean since grade school we have been plucking, tugging and shaving hair off our bodies. Silky smooth skin has been the ultimate in women’s and now men’s grooming practices. Now as spring and summer approaches and your wedding […]

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  • Pre-Wedding Face Masks

    With the myriad of beauty options we have staring us down on a daily basis and just begging us to try, the pre-wedding face mask is a particularly important beauty product and whatever you use it needs to perform. Of course, when you are preparing your beauty regime for your big day it’s an absolute […]

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  • The 5 Minute Beauty Routine

    I say YES! To the 5 minute makeover. Yes to not grooming yourself to an impossibly high standard that is too often seen on Youtube or Instagram. Yes to being closer to your natural and beautiful self and yes to saving those precious minutes and spending them on something more important than makeup! Sounds crazy […]

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