Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

5 Beauty Products to Obsess Over

In the ever-changing and fast world of beauty, my beauty obsessions change with it in a blink of an eye. With gazillions of beauty must have’s and (plenty of have not’s) I have culled down my hot 100 lol to just 5! No mean feat. But these products have stuck because they work and they’re much needed in our daily lives. My current beauty obsessions, the products that I’m loving right now have added more than just a quick high to my beauty routine, they’ve got staying power-literally!



These treatments are the closest I’ve ever been to wash and go! I have a mix of straight and wiry hair strands that take time to master and tame once freshly washed. The issue with that is you always have to apply hot tools to achieve a sleeker appearance-not anymore! This salon applied treatment has made my life a dream..I’m not sure why I waited so long! I can naturally air-dry my hair now with a little product and achieve a great style with minimum effort! It all eradicates frizz and dullness. For those with curly or wavy hair don’t despair, you will still keep your wave or curls just sans the frizz! IT’S AWESOME! You are more polished and hair crushable! It just embraces the natural body of your hair while adding shine, smoothness, and manageability. It also cuts any blow dry time in half! It’s a smoothing treatment, not a straightening treatment and right there is the difference and it lasts 6-10 months! No wonder it’s a celebrity fav!



I’ve been taking collagen peptides for a little over a year now. I’m totally a fan! I start every day with a black coffee and a tablespoon of Sports Research premium collagen peptides mixed in. It’s completely tasteless unless of course, you choose Vanilla or Dark chocolate. Just pop it into your favourite beverage, yogurt or cereal to consume. To be honest, I started taking collagen for knee pain; however, I was pleasantly surprised that a side benefit was glowing, firmer skin! Its supports healthy joints, bones, hair, nails and skin! BONUS! My nails are stronger and whiter than they’ve ever been. It’s the perfect beauty tonic! It’s now the gold standard amongst my friends for best beauty boost! You need to at least stick with it for 3-6 months of daily use to see results.. but it is so worth it!



For a product under $10, this little gem is fantastic! I use it after cleaning my face at night or as moisture prep for my makeup. Your makeup application will be so effortless with this product. Plump firmer skin holds makeup well and its oil-free formula means that all skin types will benefit from this product. It’s just all about multi-depth hydration and skin plumping. What’s better than that? It’s easy to apply and feels light and fresh. You could even mix a drop or two with your base for extra hydration and dewiness. I add it to my eye cream or over my lids too before bed. Best bang for under $10!



It’s a rare find but this natural lipstick formula lasts! You all know by now I love my natural products. Organic or natural are highly favoured by me for the obvious reasons and now I’ve found a lipstick that lasts and it’s in the most delicious mulberry colour Juniper Water. With Fall around the corner, this colour will be your go-to too! Wear it as a light stain during the day or amp up your look with a bolder application, this colour is anything but boring.


I’m a huge fan of anything Becca. There are so many cult favourites in this range; however, their powders are perfection. Look their range is perfection- I had to single something out hahaha. With just the right amount of luminosity that it makes you and your skin look perfect. The Hydra mist goes on like you’re applying water to your face but its powder to the touch? Sets beautifully and doesn’t leave your skin dry or powdery.