How to Get a DIY Blowout at Home

Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

How to Get a DIY Blowout at Home

With Dry bars and Blow out bars popping up everywhere, it seems women around the world place a high priority on professional blowouts. At up to $50 for a basic blow out to $75 for a special request, that is something not everyone can afford weekly or even monthly. So what if I tell you that you can easily achieve it at home for way less? Well, you can! You will initially pay for your brush and products but these will pay off in a big way if you stick to these simple rules. So let’s get started!


  1. SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER- a volumizing shampoo and conditioner or a defrizzing shampoo and conditioner depends on your hair type and your hair needs. Use these as directed.
  2. MICROFIBRE TOWEL-This towel will not only dry your hair faster, it will cause less damage when you dry your hair and help control frizz.
  3. SECTIONING CLIPS-section your damp hair with these before you commence your blow out. Never ever attempt a blow out without them – you will only ever burn and damage your hair by going over the same sections with your hot tool.
  4. HAIR DRYER- ALWAYS use a nozzle and never us the open round end without a nozzle as you will never seal the cuticle properly.
  5. PRODUCTS- I love Kevin Murphy Detangler as it adds conditioner and moisture to my frizzy hair. For those with finer hair try a volumizing mousse like Semi Di Lino (not too much as it could add too much weight). Keep handy a light texturizing spray Living Proof or IGK are my two go to’s! Never hairspray, as it adds unnecessary weight and the alcohol in it, makes the look very lackluster.
  6. ROUND BRUSH-a metal ceramic barrel brush is best for straight blowouts; a boar bristle brush is best for volume- I like the Harry Josh Round brush or Ibiza brushes. Depending on your needs a teasing brush might be required also.
  7. SOFT GRIP HIGH TOP ROLLERS-these are so inexpensive and help hold the height and volume of the hair while it cools down leaving you with volume and bounce.


  1. Wash your hair in your specific hair type shampoo and conditioner. For finer hair skip the conditioner.
  2. Dry your hair off with your microfiber towel.
  3. Add your styling product – first I apply my detangler then I add some volumizing mousse like Semi Di Lino illuminating mousse throughout the hair.
  4. Section your damp hair into 2-3 sections. Blow out the bottom lower layer of your hair first using your desired brush. If you desire a full bouncy blowout, then roll your freshly blown hair into a self-grip high roller and leave to set. You can spritz the roots of your hair with a texturizing spray before rolling the hair to add extra grip and lift.
  5. Continue to add rollers until your entire head is dry.
  6. Leave Rollers in while you complete your makeup.
  7. Once your makeup is complete, remove rollers and spritz the texturizing spray throughout your roots.
  8. Run your hands lightly through your hair to achieve your desired style. Voila!


  1. Sleep on a silk pillowcase as it causes less friction to your style.
  2. Spritz the roots at your crown then add a self-grip high roller to your crown so when you sleep your hair remains lifted at your crown in the morning.
  3. Showering- use a terry-lined shower cap to prevent frizz and dampness while showering.
  4. Use dry shampoo at your roots or a 3 in one like “Triple sec” to revive your blowout in a heartbeat.
  5. Re blow out the very front of your hair to extend the perfect look. Make sure you add a wet product like the mousse or dampen your hair to avoid heat damage and breakage. NEVER blowout dry hair!