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  • How to Get Southern Belle Sized Hair

    “The higher the hair, the closer to God” is gospel truth in the South. Southern belles love them some big hair…it’s a rite of passage. Their Mimi and Mama set a blazing trail before them which could not be ignored. High fashion and it’s sometimes androgynous silhouettes has no place in the South. Southern belles […]

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  • How to Get a DIY Blowout at Home

    With Dry bars and Blow out bars popping up everywhere, it seems women around the world place a high priority on professional blowouts. At up to $50 for a basic blow out to $75 for a special request, that is something not everyone can afford weekly or even monthly. So what if I tell you […]

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  • Best Products for Fine Hair

    For the fine haired philly’s, life can be tough, making every strand count is your mantra! Those with finer hair know all too well things can head south pretty quickly if you use the wrong products or don’t know how to work with your hair. Hairstyling is tough for most people. However for those with […]

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