How to get southern belle sized hair

Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

How to Get Southern Belle Sized Hair

“The higher the hair, the closer to God” is gospel truth in the South. Southern belles love them some big hair…it’s a rite of passage. Their Mimi and Mama set a blazing trail before them which could not be ignored. High fashion and it’s sometimes androgynous silhouettes has no place in the South. Southern belles are all woman…Perfectly polished and primped to within an inch of their life. Full, soft, voluminous bouncy hair is her calling card. After all…” what would Dolly do?’

Hairspray is their choice of weapon and makes no mistake these ladies are not afraid to use it! I mean when the Dry bar names one of their signature blowout styles “the Southern Comfort” Y’all know it’s major! Labeled Flirty and ultra girly, this style is a go-to hairstyle for many brides to be, who want to ramp up the glamour and tone down the basic. Dry bar even named a range of volume enhancing products “Southern Belle” which add volume and hold to your hair that would even make Dolly proud. So whether it’s for your big day or just a big night this hair is glam with a capital “G”.

How to get southern belle sized hair

So how do you get this soft, bouncy curly voluminous hair on your big day? These next 10 steps will have you singing “AMEN” in the church of “big hair don’t care!”

  1. Always start with super clean hair after washing with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Add a heat protectant and also Southern Belle mousse throughout and then brush throughout your hair to distribute product through hair evenly.
  3. Part your hair and rough dry it.
  4. Section the back and take approximately a one-inch section at the front and start drying.
  5. Blow-dry hair up and away from your face with a round brush.
  6. Hold the brush horizontally to add tension when blowing your hair up and away.
  7. Once one section is complete add a soft grip round roller and roll away from the face, make sure the tension is tight. Spritz with some hairspray to add hold. Repeat with every section.
  8. Take out rollers once the entire head has cooled down.
  9. Throw head over and spritz with more hairspray at the roots for extra lift and tousle while its upside down.
  10. Backcomb if you want extra oomph at the crown.