Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

Best Bridal Makeup For Brunettes

As a bride, it’s a rite of passage to look flawless on your wedding day from your vows to Veuve and lucky for brunettes, they kinda have it made. Brunettes always seem to have more options when it comes to color and makeup. It is pretty easy to decide if a brunette is a cool, neutral or warm tone which of course helps when choosing your look for your big day. Brunettes (in my eyes) have it made. There are also so many brunette style icons that can also help guide you and influence your beauty style. Whether you are a brunette with pale skin and blue eyes or one with golden skin and hazel eyes, you will smolder in your best beauty looks on your big day!

There are some hues that definitely add more allure on brunettes. Brunettes, however should not really try the lighter rosier hues, they just don’t elevate your colouring and diminish the beauty of your brown hair. Try a medium to deep brownish rosy shade to add warmth and depth to your look.

Let’s look at some great beauty styles that any brunette can rock with confidence!

Bridal Makeup for Brunettes

If you have blue eyes…try using greyish shadows, deep rose or natural beige really looks stunning on you and lights up your face.

If you have green eyes…try pairing them with a solid wash of taupe or an antique moss green to bring out any hazel flecks. Deep reddish brown will make your eyes pop and look lighter and bring out the green whilst complementing your brown locks.

If you have brown eyes…try medium to deep purple shades to create an alluring look. Bronze, terracotta and neutral golden shades for those with a warmer skin tone look sensational bringing glamourous warmth to your face.

Brunettes can experiment with bright colours as they really make their eyes pop and bring a fun and playful look to their features. Colours like green, aqua, purple and mahogany look incredible and add some sassiness to your look. They might not be your go to on your big day but be sure to give them a go on your honeymoon.

Bronzing your face works well and adds a glow and some dimension to your complexion; just do not use the orange toned hues. A rosy brown or a true bronze looks great on you.

Bright red lips or poppy lip colours look incredible on a brunette- talk about being born with it! Brunette gals can rock a clear bold lip and light eyes like no other- very French and classically chic. Lip color can brighten or soften your look so a brunette should try opting for a brownish pink or berry lip colours as these hues look delicious and pretty and these are perfect for the winter months.  If you have a warm brown hair colour and warm skin, add cinnamon or nude beige, gives you a sultry Jlo-esque appeal. Told you..brunettes have it made!