Lace wedding dresses are as elegant as they are timeless and as unique as they are versatile. Lace elevates a wedding dress into a gown that is something truly magical and memorable. From botanical patterns embellished with intricate beading, to graphic designs with heavy embroidery, lace wedding dresses are a thing to behold and something every bride can love.

  • lace a-line wedding dress - D3508 by Essense of Australia

    How to Choose the Right Lace for Your Wedding Dress

    With so many bridal fabrics to choose from, why should you say “I do” to a lace wedding dress? Check out all the great reasons.

  • boho lace wedding dress - haven by All Who Wander

    Lace Wedding Dresses for Every Wedding Style

    No matter your wedding day style or theme, there is a lace wedding dress that will perfectly complement your big moment!

Common Questions

Can lace wedding dresses be altered or hemmed?

Yes! Lace wedding dresses, like every other type of fabric, can be altered and hemmed. Most lace motifs are attached to another fabric like tulle or crepe and can easily be detached and restitched by a professional seamstress. If you’re a petite bride and worried about your lace hemline, ask if you dress can be custom made to a short length.

Are lace wedding dresses more expensive?

Lace wedding dresses can be more expensive than other gowns but not by much. Most of the time, the cost is associated with the cost of the labor to hand-sew lace onto the gown. The extra cost – if any – is definitely worth it when you see the details!

Can a lace wedding dress be bustled?

Yes! All wedding dresses can be bustled. There are many different types of bustles to choose from and a trained seamstress can help you determine the best kind for your train.

Is a lace wedding dress modern?

Many people ask if lace wedding dresses are in style, and the answer is yes. Nowadays, many modern wedding dress designers create unique patterns and graphic elements for their lace wedding dresses. You can still find traditional floral patterns, but today, lace wedding gowns are made for the modern bride in mind.