Stella York Wedding Dresses

Gowns that wow. Dresses that impress. This is Stella York—a collection of wedding-worthy styles designed to take your forever romance to the next level.

Sparkling ballgowns? Obsessed. Simple yet sexy silhouettes? Yes, please. Shimmering embellishments and ALL the lace? Here for it.


About Stella York

Inspired by the world’s hottest red carpet trends, Stella York bridal gowns are imagined and handcrafted with stunning detail. Each gown is constructed to provide an exceptional fit and give the body perfect form, all at a competitive price.

What makes Stella York continue to stand out in the world of bridal is their unique attention to detail and quality of fit in each silhouette—giving every bride, no matter their size or their budget, a truly designer experience at a fraction of the cost. Always on-trend and featuring the latest fashion-forward details seen on runways across the world–from head-to-toe glittering fabrics to glamorous simplicity–Stella York always helps brides achieve their ultimate wedding day look.

Visit the store locator now to make an appointment, and discover your ultimate Stella York moment today!

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