Für die ultimative Brautromanze mit nur einem Hauch von Drama sind Ballkleid-Brautkleider perfekt für die Braut, die an ihrem Hochzeitstag einen bleibenden Eindruck hinterlassen möchte.
Inspiriert von klassischer Romantik zeichnen sich Ballkleider durch volle, voluminöse Röcke aus, die mit weichem Tüll oder raffiniertem Satin drapiert sind. Jede Braut sollte sich an ihrem Hochzeitstag wie eine Prinzessin fühlen, und unsere Ballkleider-Kollektion wird mit Sicherheit Ihr eigenes Brautmärchen entfachen.

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Common Questions

What is a ballgown wedding dress?

A ballgown wedding dress is fitted at the bodice and flares out at the waist. A ballgown has the most voluminous skirt out of all the wedding dress silhouettes. Find out more about ballgowns and other silhouettes here.

What is a princess wedding dress?

A princess wedding dress is typically characterized as a voluminous A-line or ballgown with many sparkly embellishments, sequins and beading - picture Cinderella! Princess wedding dresses are usually modeled after classic and royal elements, perfect for the bride invoking a fairytale wedding on her big day. What other time do you get the chance to wear a formal ballgown?

What to wear under a ballgown wedding dress?

A ballgown is the most forgiving wedding dress silhouette. You can work with your seamstress to sew in additional bust cups for your comfort or check out our shapewear resources.

Can petite brides wear ballgowns?

Some petite or shorter brides may think that a ballgown will be overwhelming on a small frame, but if a ballgown wedding dress is your dream, do not let that stop you from going to a bridal salon and trying a variety of dresses on. Ordering the right size or a special hem with the proper alterations, such as removing a couple of layers of tulle, your dreams can be realized!