Inspiriert durch den zeitlosen Brautstil und die ikonischen Hochzeitskleider der Vergangenheit, haben Vintage Brautkleider ein neues Flair für die Bräute von heute bekommen. Von Kopf bis Fuß Spitzen-Designs zu kunstvollen Perlen-Stickereien, wurden Vintage Brautkleider den Ansprüchen der modernen Braut angepasst, ohne auf die Vintage-inspirierten Details zu verzichten.

Common Questions

What is a vintage wedding dress?

Most modern-made dresses have a vintage look and feel or are vintage-inspired. Rarely is a vintage wedding dress something old or found at a second-hand store - unless that is exactly the look you’re going for. Vintage wedding dresses for today’s brides are often inspired by the designs of the past - Art Deco beading, 1950’s silhouettes, and traditional lace, just to name a few.

Do vintage wedding dresses look good on petite and curvy brides?

The great thing about today’s vintage wedding dresses is that they look amazing on all body types - including petite and curvy brides. Tea-length wedding dresses are often very popular for brides wanting a truly retro look and this length looks particularly great on petite and curvy brides.

Where to buy vintage wedding dresses?

You can buy a vintage wedding dress at any bridal shop near you.

Are vintage wedding dresses tea length?

The most common misconception about vintage wedding dresses is that they are all tea length and that is simply not true. Although 1950’s-inspired vintage wedding dresses are often tea length, there are so many silhouettes and styles to choose from! Take for example 1920s-inspired gowns. These gowns take the vintage sheath silhouette and make it for the modern bride.

What is the difference between rustic and vintage wedding themes?

Rustic wedding themes are often categorized by natural elements like wood, burlap, baby’s breath, and lace. Typically, rustic weddings are held in a barn or reclaimed space. Vintage wedding themes often feature jewel tones like burgundy or emerald green and have more elevated vintage decor like vintage plates and dishes.