Gliding Down the Aisle: Your Treadmill Alternative
Maggie Mueller

Maggie Mueller

Guest Blogger

Gliding Down the Aisle: Your Treadmill Alternative

Hey Cardio Queens, I know it’s almost Summer but there’s no need to spend hours on the oh-so-boring treadmill or it’s ugly stepsister elliptical. You can glide your way into fit with this easy to follow but fun, fat-burning routine. Combining the strength and principles of Pilates with a little bit of heart-pumping cardio will take you straight to the fat burning zone without any of those long and wasted hours at the gym. All you need are some paper plates (works well for carpeted areas) or dish towels (for hardwoods or tile) and a friend to help you laugh through it!

*As always, be sure to consult your physician before starting and exercise regimen.

Sliding Pikes
Booties up! Starting in a plank position with your shoulder blades squeezed, belly high, and hips low, tighten your abs and lift your booty to the ceiling. Plates are under your feet. Keep your feet together and bring them as close to your hands as possible then lower back to starting position. Do this slowly and with control and repeat for 20 total reps.

Pro-tip: If you find yourself struggling to bring your feet anywhere near your hands, try it with bent knees!

Remain in a plank with the plates under your feet. In a similar motion as the pike, bring your lower body inward. As you do, open your feet to a squat like position outside of your hands and drop your booty into a sumo squat. Return back to plank and repeat for 20 total reps!

Pro-tip: Try dropping your hips as low to the floor as possible while keeping your core tight! Do not let your lower back do the work for you!

Mountain Climbers
Here’s the cardio burn. In a plank position – shoulder blades squeezed, belly high and tight and hips low – pull your right knee to your chest, dragging your foot forward on your plate. As you push your right leg back to plank, repeat the movement with your left leg so that it is like you are climbing. Put pressure in your feet so that you feel your quads as well as your shoulders! Do 40 reps while alternating right and left (20 right + 20 left).

Pro-tip: *In my best deep south voice* “Get yah booty outta da air” – translation: keep your butt and hips low!

Sliding Push-ups
With your plates now under your hands, come to your knees in a push-up position. Tuck your tailbone and tighten your abs! Open your hands laterally, taking your chest toward the floor then pull your hands back together slowly and with control. Do not use momentum. The most important thing to remember is YOU MUST KEEP YOUR BELLY BUTTON PULLED TOWARD YOUR SPINE to protect your back. 20 reps 🙂

Pro-tip: Remember, keep your hands at the level of your chest, not your face. This will work that over-the-bra-fat area we all hate in strapless dresses.

Happy sweating!