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  • Lazy Bride Fitness Guide Part Four: Outer Thighs

    I am disguising this less-than-five-minute fixer in my so called “lazy” bride guide because you never leave your mat, but do not get me wrong ladies, this one is not easy! I know you wonder women can handle it though so let’s get to it. Grab a mat and a let’s get to work. *As […]

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  • All About Arms Part Two: Triceps

    Here’s a moment to which most of us can relate: Have you ever raised your hand to wave but your arm fat did it for you instead? Isn’t that fun? Even worse is when your triceps and lats gang up on you to create that over-the-bra-back-fat-muffin-top-thingy (that’s the official term). I know I am not […]

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  • Gliding Down the Aisle: Your Treadmill Alternative

    Hey Cardio Queens, I know it’s almost Summer but there’s no need to spend hours on the oh-so-boring treadmill or it’s ugly stepsister elliptical. You can glide your way into fit with this easy to follow but fun, fat-burning routine. Combining the strength and principles of Pilates with a little bit of heart-pumping cardio will […]

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  • Spring Into Fit: Head-to-Toe Toning for the Busy Bride-to-Be

    No matter your deadline, it’s never too late to take steps toward your best you. The following routine can be done anywhere – perfect for a busy bride. Join me on this journey with a fun, fat-burning routine that will help fling you into Spring! All you need is your body weight. Flow from one […]

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