Best Pedicure for a Beach Wedding

Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

Best Pedicure for a Beach Wedding

There is no better feeling than feeling the sand between your toes and the gentle lapping of the ocean at your feet. Heaven on earth is sand, a sunset, and some surf with your love saying your vows and becoming one. It’s all in the details..from the top of your head to the tip of your perfectly manicured toes! And this is not only for the bride but also the groom.

Your feet and your manicure are important final touches for your wedding day. Especially for a destination beach wedding! Ain’t nobody got time for chipped nails on such a special day!
Whether you do your own or have your nails done professionally, here are some tips to be sure you’re a perfectly polished princess.

Your wedding is not a day when you want tootie fruity tootsies. Stay away from starburst colours! Think timeless, not on trend. Play it cool with colour. Nudes, muted neutrals, soft sorbet or satin metallic colours (for your toes) will have you subtle and sexy- your beauty should be the centre of attention not your mani/pedi. A French polish is perfect and classically cool for your seaside shimmy!

To Buff or Not to Buff
This is great for the groom. Neat and groomed nails and clean and trimmed cuticles are a must for toes that are exposed.

Footloose and Chip Free
Today’s professional products keep your pedicure longer than ever before! Look for vinyl lux, NAILS INC, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, Deborah Lippmann and Seche Vite for base and Top coats.

Acrylic or Gel
Destination weddings or vacation are the only time I am a fan of such products. Yes they a stay fast and chip free but long term use can have health implications and Acrylic even damage your existing nails underneath.. However many times your nail tech tells you it doesn’t. Your toes last longer with polish anyway than your hands so polish away; use a good base and top coat.

Tips for Longer Lasting Tootsies
1. Shape and file the nails first when dry. Never wet. File in one direction never back and forth as this encourages breakage. Keep them slightly shorter as the more surfaces they touch the more chance of chipping.
2. Clean your nails with astringent-this removes oil and dirt and gives a clean surface for polish to adhere to.
3. Regularly use almond oil to moisturize your nail bed. If this is done your nail will be hydrated and won’t chip or split.
4. Soaking your nails isn’t necessary. Your nail bed expands and then your polish will chip if you paint them in a wet state.
5. Roll the polish between your palms; don’t shake it to get the formula to mix instead. Shaking causes air bubbles.
6. Apply a base coat. This stops staining and acts as a primer.
7. Keep your polish application really thin. This helps with drying and adhering to the nail bed.
8. Apply two coats of polish; waiting a full two minutes in between for drying.
9. Horizontally run an extra layer of top coat on your thumbs and index fingernails, which tend to chip first.
10. Finish your pedicure with a gel topcoat. You’ll get long-lasting gloss minus the time-consuming removal process of a salon gel manicure