5 Tips for Selecting a Maid of Honor

5 Tips for Choosing Your Maid Of Honor

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Family, friends, sorority sisters, sisters-in-law – you have a wonderfully supportive girl gang, but how do you decide who to dub Maid of Honor? It’s not the simplest task but it doesn’t have to be so daunting; read our tips for making the right choice on your Maid of Honor:

Family First

Unless you truly have a closer relationship with a friend, our rule of thumb is always family first. However, if you have a tight-knit circle and two friends believe they should be your leading lady, pull the family card and allow each ‘maid to help with your big decisions. This helps neutralize drama and at the end of the day, friends may come and go but your family will always be your family.

Consider the Tasks

Wedding planning is tons of fun, but it can get stressful at times. There are loads of detail that go into each pre-wedding event – and those are just the showers and parties leading up to the big day! From timelines to party planning, decorating and managing so many tasks, ask yourself: is the girl I’m considering for MOH ready to take this on? If she just started a new job, had a baby or isn’t much of a planner, keep that in mind! Ask her if she’s up for it. If you’re a natural planner, comfortable and capable of handling most of these duties – then choose someone who is closest to you, no matter her skill set.

2 > 1

Completely confused on who to choose? There’s no rule that says you can’t have two MOHs! You can divvy up the responsibilities and allow your #BrideTribe to assist with everything from selecting centerpieces to the cake tasting.

Maid/Man/Mom of Honor

The Maid of Honor role is exactly that; an honor! Give it to someone who means the world to you – no matter their gender or general wedding politics, it’s your decision to make. You can choose your best guy friend, your brother, your grandmother or your mom!

Go Without

If you truly can’t come to a decision on who to dub Maid of Honor, just ditch the position altogether! This is a sound option for anyone who wants to avoid drama between close friends and keep the peace. Instead of singling out one girl as “extra special,” spread out the wedding tasks evenly.

Remember this: even in times of disagreement or petty pre-wedding drama, you chose your ‘maids based on your love for each other. As they celebrate this milestone in your life, celebrate your relationships with them. Cheers to you, your MOH and another task crossed off your to-do list!

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