What should you expect from a bridesmaid's dress fitting

What to Expect From a Bridesmaid Dress Fitting

What should you expect from a bridesmaid’s dress fitting? You should expect a couple different things. First, you’ll want to go in without too many expectations and an open mind. Remember, nothing fits perfectly the first time! But most importantly, have fun with your friends. This is a special time in the bride’s life, and enjoying yourself while trying on gorgeous gowns is the ultimate goal.

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There is no one-size-fits-all

When you’re first trying on bridesmaid dresses, remember that not every dress is going to look great on every body type. Think of it like trying on jeans. Some girls look great in high-waisted styles, while skinny jeans fit great on other. Same with bridesmaid dress shopping. Know what looks great on your body but also keep in mind what the bride wants.

Choose a silhouette

Once the bride has narrowed down her favorite colors and fabrics, it’s time to pick a silhouette. Don’t be afraid to try on a number of different necklines. Keep in mind what the venue’s setting is and the level of formality with the wedding. Graceful off-the-shoulder straps or a plunging V-neckline are universally flattering, while not everyone feels comfortable in a strapless dress. Remember: comfort and style are key.

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Remember, nothing fits the first time

It’s unlikely that stores will have a dress in different sizes, as most stores only carry a sample size bridesmaid dress. What does that mean for you? It means that dress probably won’t fit properly so don’t be discouraged if that dress is too small or too large, initially. Before you order a dress, your store will measure you and suggest a size based on those measurements. This ensures you’re getting the best possible size. Sometimes a store may suggest sizing up in you’re in between sizes. Not a big deal!

What to expect from bridesmaid dress alterations

Next comes alterations. Remember, it’s unlikely that a dress will fit perfectly the first time. Whether you need it taken in at the waist, have the straps shortened, or need to bring up the length, find a trusted seamstress to do the job correct the first time. Definitely voice your concerns with her the at the first fitting and make sure to try on the dress after she is done to make sure it fits correctly before you walk out of the shop.

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And there you have it! Bridesmaid dress shopping should be a fun bonding experience between you, the bride and the rest of the bridal party. Have faith that you’ll all find something you’ll love and want to wear at the end of the day.