What to consider when choosing a wedding date

When it comes to planning a wedding, you can’t do much until you set a date – so you’ve come up with the ultimate list on what to consider when choosing a wedding date!

“So… when’s the wedding?” is hands down the most annoying question you’ll be asked at least one thousand times before you walk down the aisle. It’s inevitable, right? Choosing a wedding date is the first important decision you’ll have to make as a newly engaged couple, and it is often a difficult one. With the average engagement lasting 14 months, you have time to check everything off your list—from finding and ordering your wedding dress to booking your wedding reception venue. But before you set the date, considering these things: 

  1. Venue’s availability – Venue’s book up fast – like majorly fast – especially if they’re popular or cheap. Remember that you have to find a venue that will fit all your guests and is available within the time you want to be married. Honestly, sometimes a venue can dictate how long you’re engaged. But, if you’re cool with four more months, just book the venue that’s right for you! 
  2. Think about the season – Ok, let’s take a reality check: every season has its pros and cons. A June wedding will most likely be super hot while a wedding in January might have snow on the ground. There’s no magic day that is going to be better than all the other days of the year, so don’t let picking your wedding date hinge on something that might not happen, anyway. Regardless of what your dream season is and why, thinking about the time of year can help you narrow down dates and venues that will work. Keep in mind that you can often get good deals during the winter, but that spring and fall have become increasingly popular wedding seasons.
  3. Choosing dates significant to you as a couple – Know the date of your first date? What about the first time you guys said “I love you”? Choosing a date that means something to you as a couple can make your wedding date even more special. Keep in mind that special date might be on a Monday, but what’s a couple of days off in the long run?
  4. Local events – If you’re in a larger city, there will more than likely be events every weekend. However, there are just some events that you should completely avoid – like the Super Bowl for example. Religious holidays, tax season, your busy season at work, matter when choosing a date. Not only for your mental state but because out of town guests may have a hard time booking a hotel room – not to mention the added traffic. 
  5. Be considerate of others – If your in-laws have been planning a retirement trip to Europe for a year, please don’t plan your wedding the weekend before it. If you have limited preference, you may want to ask your nearest and dearest about date conflicts and plan accordingly. This is a slippery slope if you ask anyone outside your essential circle of parents, siblings and honor attendants. Keep it simple and don’t budge once the date is set.

Regardless of where you are at in your wedding planning journey, be sure to take a deep breath and take it all in! If you’re still looking for your dream dress, we’d love to help! View our dress galleries and find a retailer near you: Essense of Australia, Stella York and Martina Liana