colored wedding dresses - D3734 by Essense of Australia

Trending Wedding Dresses with Color

Wedding dresses with color are not just wedding gowns but stories – emblems of style, personality and the celebration envisioned. In this era of personalization, vibrant colors replace traditional white gowns, reflecting each bride’s individual journey. Let’s delve into this shift and discover how opting for colorful wedding dresses can make a profound and personal statement. 

Why Choose a Colorful Wedding Dress? 

The wedding gown industry is experiencing a renaissance of color, with designers and brides alike embracing hues as an expression of creativity and joy. Ethereal pastels, regal metallics, and dramatic black colors are just a few of the ones gracing the aisles of contemporary weddings. The trending wedding gown colors are usually a reflection of the season, but also each bride’s individuality and the thematic inspiration of the event. 

The Evolution of Traditional White Gowns 

Traditional white gowns, long considered the symbol of purity and innocence, have been the norm for centuries. However, in recent years there has been a shift toward incorporating color into bridal wear. This change is not just about adding pops of color through accessories or accents – it’s also about fully embracing bold and beautiful hues as the main attraction. 

What Factors Should Brides Consider When Selecting a Colored Wedding Dress? 

Choosing a colorful wedding dress involves thoughtful consideration. There are many reasons for brides to consider a wedding dress with color. It could be as simple a reason as picking a favorite color, wanting to step outside the box or expressing their personality. Brides should also consider their skin tones. The event formality, the color palette for the day and more when choosing a wedding dress with color.  

Balance is key, and it’s imperative to find a color that not only resonates but also complements the overall aesthetic of the wedding, while also showcasing the bride’s personality. For example, pastels work great for a romantic spring or summer wedding, while metallics add a touch of glamour to a winter event. An earthy-tone gown is a beautiful choice for an autumn wedding. Black wedding dresses can be styled to create an edgy and modern look. 

Black Wedding Dress 

black ballgown wedding dress - 1608 by Martina Liana

Martina Liana Style 1608BLK 

The black wedding dress has long been a symbol of elegance and sophistication. For the modern bride who wants to make a dramatic yet timeless statement. Martina Liana Style 1608BLK is a beautiful choice. Alluring and bold, this black silk taffeta gown makes a chic fashion statement down the aisle. 

The draped bodice of this dress features off-the-shoulder cap sleeves and hugs the figure. It crisscrosses across the bust to create a flattering sweetheart neckline and an optional stunning bodice cutaway just above the waist. 

A sleek waistband sits at the natural waist as a voluminous A-line skirt extends into a luxurious sea of black silky fabric. A high leg slit and discreet side pockets complete this modern bridal look. This luxe wedding dress is also available in ivory and platinum hues. 

Blush Wedding Dress 

blush ballgown wedding dress with off the shoulder straps - D3734 by Essense of Australia

Essense of Australia Style D3734 

Soft and ethereal, Essense of Australia Style D3734 is a blush wedding dress that exudes regal charm. This wedding gown is ideal for the bride who wishes to traverse the aisle with a hint of rose. Step into your modern-day fairytale with this whimsical ballgown that will make the fashion-forward romantic in you swoon. 

The structured bodice of this gown is a vision of beauty. Its textured gathered tulle and alluring deep plunging neckline. And here’s the best part: you have the freedom to customize your look with detachable floral straps. The dreamy ballgown skirt, made from flecked tulle and adorned with delicate 3D floral appliqués, adds a whimsical touch to this wedding dress. 

This bridal ensemble is absolutely captivating and is bound to leave everyone in awe. It is also offered in black, catering to diverse styles. So, regardless of your personal preference, you can enter into your happily ever after feeling like true royalty. 

Silver Wedding Dress 

silver ballgown wedding dress with sweetheart neckline - D3941 by Essense of Australia

Essense of Australia Style D3941SLV 

Envision yourself captivated by the cascading layers of breathtaking silver foil organza in the magnificent Essense of Australia Style D3941SLV wedding gown. This exceptional silver foil wedding dress radiates a majestic sparkle, ideal for brides in search of refined grandeur. A contemporary work of art! It is meticulously crafted to make you feel like a glamorous bride, embodying elegance and sophistication. 

Featuring a wrapped strapless bodice and a captivating sweetheart neckline, this gown exudes allure. The draped bodice seamlessly meets a voluminous ballgown skirt. It is adorned with a high leg slit for an added touch of drama. For those seeking a more traditional look, we also offer this exquisite bridal gown in ivory luxe organza. 

Blue Wedding Dress 

blue lace ballgown wedding dress with detachable sleeves - LE1316WND by Martina Liana Luxe

Martina Liana Luxe Style LE1316 – Windsor Blue 

Say hello to a trend that’s here to stay! Introducing Martina Liana Luxe Style LE1316WND, the ultimate something blue for your one-of-a-kind wedding style. This blue wedding dress is all about embracing the unconventional with its appliqués that twinkle and shine and a mesmerizing icy-blue hue that’s truly fashion-forward. 

The sweetheart neckline exudes an exquisite charm, effortlessly highlighting your décolletage. The captivating tulle skirt is adorned with layers of elegant tulle, creating an allure that’s ideal for the adventurous bride. Don’t let this extraordinary fashion piece slip away – it’s guaranteed to turn heads on your special day! 

How to Accessorize a Bridal Dress with Color 

Harmonizing with Accessories 

When it comes to selecting accessories for different color bridal dresses, brides have a chance to explore a range of options to enhance their chosen hue. 

Metallic tones can add an elegant and sophisticated touch while contrasting or complementary colors can create a visually striking effect. Delicate pieces bring a subtle and feminine touch, while statement pieces make a bold and confident statement. 

The goal is to create a cohesive and harmonious look that highlights the dress and reflects the bride’s personality and style. By carefully choosing the right accessories, brides can add a personal touch that truly elevates their wedding day look. 

Using Bridesmaid Dresses to Accentuate 

Bridesmaid dresses present a wonderful opportunity to complement and enhance the bride’s gown. By carefully selecting colors or a palette that harmonizes with the bride’s dress, the bridal party can create a stunning lineup that is both individually beautiful and captivating. 

This thoughtful coordination not only elevates the overall aesthetic of the wedding but also adds an extra touch of elegance and sophistication to the entire event. A carefully chosen color scheme, combined with the beautiful styles of bridesmaid dresses, could create a memorable visual experience for everyone in attendance. 

As trends continue to evolve, the colorful wedding gown stands at the forefront, reminding us that love, like color, comes in an array of shades. For brides-to-be looking to leave an indelible and memorable mark on their wedding experience, exploring wedding gowns with color is a must. It’s a choice that not only challenges tradition but also celebrates the individual spirit and vision of each bride. 

If you’re ready to paint the town with the hues of your love, consider a colorful wedding dress and make your day truly special. Find a bridal store near you today where you can browse through our incredible colorful wedding dresses!