Martine Harris

Chief Creative Officer

Tips For Your Wedding Dress Fitting

Congratulations! There is nothing more exciting than the moment when you have found the wedding dress of your dreams. The next best thing is working with your seamstress until it fits you perfectly. You may be surprised to find out there is more to wedding dress fittings than just showing up and trying it on. Follow our tips to make sure you get the most out of your experience.

Eat. You might think skipping lunch will help make the dress feel just right, but the last thing you (or your tailor!) want is a fainting bride-to-be.

Bring your shoes. If you’ve already purchased the shoes you are going to wear for your big day, make sure to bring them along to the fitting. Doing so will ensure that the alterations will be precisely the length you want, depending on your heel height. If you plan on switching shoes for the reception, make sure to bring those along as well.

Do your hair. That way, you can get the overall picture of what you will look like on your big day. You might have an idea of a hairstyle that you love, but you may totally change your mind once you see how it looks with your wedding dress.

Go natural. We recommend wearing as little makeup and products as you’re comfortable with. Some makeup such as foundation and concealer, or even a spray tan, can stain your wedding dress. We also advise wearing streak-free or clear deodorant to avoid any mishaps.

Wear your undergarments. Some bridal salons may sell them, or you might have to bring your own. Some gowns require a full corset, where others may be built in. Either way, you want to make sure your wedding dress will fit exactly how you plan to wear it the day of.

Bring a friend. If you need to bustle your dress, you’ll need someone to help you do so. Whether it’s your Mom or maid of honor, make sure someone knows how to bustle your gown. Check with your seamstress to see which fitting they need to attend.

Decide on your veil and accessories. If possible, try on veils, head pieces, and accessories while you are wearing your wedding dress. Capturing the whole ensemble beforehand will ensure there won’t be any surprises on your big day.

Relax. These fittings are all about you, so remember to enjoy yourself!