The Ultimate Wedding Veil Pairing Guide

Choosing your dream wedding dress is so exciting, but the decision-making doesn’t stop there! Now it’s time to continue executing your bridal vision with jewelry, shoes and perhaps the most important bridal accessory of all: the wedding dress veil! Wedding veils are available in so many lengths, fabrics and stunning details – but don’t let that overwhelm you! We’ve paired some of our favorite gowns with wedding dress veils to help you find your gown’s ideal match. 

What is a Wedding Veil?  

A wedding veil is a bridal accessory typically made of tulle attached to a comb or something similar, that attaches in the hair. Veils may be short, very long or anywhere in between. Wearing a wedding dress and veil provides a classic bridal look! 

What is the Point of a Bridal Veil? 

While it is difficult to pinpoint the exact history of the wedding dress veil, Legend has it that brides wore them in Rome when walking down the aisle to protect them from evil spirits who wanted to destroy their happiness. Eventually, veils became symbolic of a bride’s modesty and purity. Today, many brides still choose to wear veils and some religions and cultures still have traditions based on the bride’s veil. 

Are Wedding Veils Still in Style? 

Yes! The wedding dress veil is still a staple of bridal style, with a variety to choose from. While bridal trends evolve year to year, wedding veils remain a classic staple of wedding attire and still reign supreme in wedding style.  

Whether it’s cathedral-length veils, that make a dramatic statement as you walk down the aisle, or playful fingertip veils that offer a romantic contrast against delicate wedding gowns, the wedding dress veil finds the ideal balance between traditional formality and modern sophistication. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of veils for wedding dresses. 

Pairing Your Veil with Your Wedding Dress 

Cathedral Length Veil 

A cathedral length veil is all about the dramatic effect and for the bride who wants to make a statement! This wedding veil style extends over the dress and past the train for a showstopping look. Your bridesmaids will likely need to straighten and place your veil throughout the ceremony, as it’s one of the longest styles available!  

You may consider choosing a cathedral-length veil if you’re wearing a wedding dress with a long train or want to achieve a look fit for royalty. We would pair a cathedral length veil with Essense of Australia Style 2905 for a bridal look that wows! 

Birdcage Veil 

If you love an elegant, vintage look worthy of the red carpet, you may consider the opposite of a striking cathedral veil, the ever-so-delicate birdcage veil. Birdcage veils are the shortest style veil and typically grazes over the face. They are often made of netting, are held in place with a comb, and may be simple or adorned with crystals or other embellishments. 

Fingertip Length Veil 

Another popular style of wedding veils is fingertip length. This veil style falls at the bride’s fingertips when their arms are at their sides. A fingertip length veil is ideal for outdoor weddings or the bride who wants to keep the focus on their wedding dress.  

A soft, tulle fingertip length veil will beautifully accent a playful gown like Essense of Australia Style D2815. This veil style is best paired with an A-line, simple mermaid or sheath gown, which won’t interrupt how the veil lays. 

fingertip length veil with D2815+ by Essense of Australia
Essense of Australia Style D2815+ 

Ballet Length Veil 

The ballet length veil is a stunning choice for the bride who wants a veil between a fingertip length and a longer veil that touches the floor. This style is similar to the fingertip length style but extends to the back of the knee. Ballet length veils offer an ethereal look and pair well with a whimsical gown, like Essense of Australia Style D2888. You can find this length of veil in a variety of styles, from simple and unadorned to lace-trimmed or multi-tiered looks. 

Mantilla Veil 

A mantilla veil, which originated from Spain and is often a popular choice for more religious ceremonies, sits atop the bride’s head and lays flat, unlike some veils that gather at the comb for volume. This style of veil is usually worn draped over the bride’s shoulders and is available in various lengths.  

Mantilla veils can be identified by the iconic lace trim that accents the entire perimeter of the veil for a traditional and oh-so-bridal look. This veil is an ideal choice for the timeless bride wearing a traditional, regal gown, like Stella York Style 6865.  

Blusher Veil 

A blusher is a traditional addition that finishes off a classic bridal look. It is made from a short piece of tulle and traditionally worn over the bride’s face, only to be flipped back before the first kiss. Some veils are available with attached blushers, but you can add one to most veil styles (except a birdcage).  

Blushers work better with certain placements of your veil and specific hairstyles. For example, a veil placed at the crown of the head will work well with a blusher, but one placed below a bun or at the very back of the head will not. 

What are Some Alternatives to a Wedding Veil? Do you Have to wear a veil? 

Your wedding day is all about you! That means you should wear whatever makes you feel your best. Not into veils? No problem! 

There are so many other bridal accessories to choose from to finish off your look. Headbands, flower crowns, hats, hairpins, tiaras and combs are all amazing choices for the bride who wants an accessory that’s not a veil. Whether you’re going for low-key or boho queen, there are so many fashion-forward and stylish alternatives to fit your bridal style! 

Did you know? Essense of Australia, Stella York, All Who Wander and Martina Liana veils are available through your local bridal retailer! Find your store to find your dream veil. We can’t wait to see how you style your wedding dress!