The Ultimate Veil Pairing Guide

The decision making doesn’t stop once you’ve said “yes” to your dream wedding dress! Brides continue to execute their bridal vision by selecting customizations, jewelry and the most bridal accessory of all: the veil! There are so many varying lengths, fabrics and details – but don’t worry! We’ve rounded up 6 dresses and paired them with veils to help you find your wedding gown’s perfect counterpart:

martina liana style 874

Martina Liana: 874, Veil Photo: Marry Bridal US

Cathedral Length Veil

A cathedral length veil extends over the dress, past the train in a dramatic, glamorous manner. You’ll probably need assistance from your bridesmaids to straighten and place your veil throughout the ceremony as it’s one of the longest styles available. We recommend selecting a cathedral length veil if you’re wearing a chic wedding dress with an elongated train – like Martina Liana’s 874. Cathedral veils have a lot of length to play with lace appliques and accessories, so if you’re shooting for a statement, consider this style! 

martina liana 1057

Martina Liana: 1057, Veil Photo: Florentes 

Birdcage Veil

Opposite of a striking cathedral veil is this sweet style, the elegant and ever so delicate birdcage veil. It pairs beautifully with a lace wedding dress and many brides choose this style for the vintage vibe. It evokes a touch of tradition and demure glamour, just like Martina Liana’s Style 1057.

essense of australia 2523

Essense of Australia: D2523, Veil Photo: Yuri C Wedding Shop

Fingertip Length Veil

Arguably the most popular style, the fingertip length veil falls at a brides fingertips when she lays her arms by her side. While some brides are opting to ditch the veil and replace it with a flower crown or a pearl headpiece, this style offers a modern look. A soft, tulle fingertip length veil will accent a playful gown like Essense of Australia’s D2523. Select this veil for an A-line, simple mermaid or sheath gown.

essense of australia d2752

Essense of Australia: D2752, Veil Photo: Yuri C Wedding Shop

Ballet Length Veil

The ballet length veil is similar to the fingertip length style, but it extends just slightly to the back of the knee. It evokes a softer look and pairs nicely with a whimsical gown – like Essense of Australia D2752. You can find ballet length veils in a simple cut of tulle or with multiple tiers and a horsehair trim for a more ethereal vibe.

Did you know? Essense of Australia, Stella York and Martina Liana veils are available through your local bridal retailer! Find your store to find your perfect veil.

stella york style 6718

Stella York: 6718, Veil Photo: Big Rock Bridal

Mantilla Veil

A mantilla veil (originated from Spain and a popular choice for Catholic ceremonies) sits atop the bride’s head and lays flat. The length drapes over the brides shoulders down to mid-thigh. What sets this style apart from others is the iconic lace trim that accents the perimeter. This is the perfect choice for a bride who wants to remain timeless and elegant. We suggest this style if you’re wearing a traditional, regal gown, like Stella York’s Style #6718

stella york style 6639

Stella York: 6639, Veil Photo: Yuri C Wedding Shop

Blusher Veil

The blusher veil is a shorter option that finishes off the classic bridal look. It’s constructed with a short piece of fabric and traditionally worn over the face, only to be flipped back before the bride and groom’s first kiss. Select this style if you’re planning classic nuptials or your dress features a detail that you’d like to showcase, like off-the-shoulder sleeves or a keyhole back. It also works well with chignon hairstyles and top knot buns.

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A bit more confident but still not sold on exactly which type of veil to purchase? Always seek the help of a professional! You can work with your local bridal shop to find the perfect veil for you!