Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

The Best Korean Beauty Products

I’m officially OBSESSED with Korean beauty products. I have been using them for a couple of years now and just love them! I was asked a few years ago to make a SKII youtube video for the Korean beauty market. So I began with research the category and my mind was BLOWN! How did I not know about this market- it was so cool! Their makeup looks are so cute and fresh and their products were healthier and have fewer chemical nasties in them and many are not tested on animals! Nordstrom, Sephora, Target, and even CVS have all jumped on the SoKo beauty bandwagon with dedicated Korean beauty displays. SoKo has serious cult status beauty products with seriously innovative formulas that will rock your beauty arsenal.


Korean women are groomed from birth to maintain their skin. It’s a rite of passage. Korean beauty is about eating, washing and caring for their skin to preserve its beauty. It’s not essentially about products, however; the products developed there are gentle and functional. My favourite two sites for SoKo beauty are and Amazon also has some great picks too! So let’s get to why I love SoKo beauty!

  1. Their makeup looks make us look flawless but younger! No contouring here!
  2. They are all about healthy, clear, hydrated dewy skin. Get your glow on!
  3. They are mostly free of nasties and mostly cruelty-free.
  4. Their sheet masks are amazing but next the gen is SoKo rubber masks.
  5. Some SoKo products are very inexpensive and give amazing results.
  6. Some Korean makeup is natural skincare based so you can mix and match according to your skin’s needs.
  7. Innovative formulas even downright bizarre but they actually work. Yup snail mucous works!
  8. SoKo is serious about sun protection and many makeup products are 30+ to 50+
  9. SoKo products are perfect for travel and staying dewy and fab on long-haul flights or party nights.
  10. They layer products for amazing quick fix situations. Layering an essence, ampoule then serum gives your skin the quickest pickup and sends you on your dewy way!



  1. Sheet Masks
  2. Aqua gel cleansers
  3. Cushion foundations
  4. Serums
  5. Ampoules
  6. Essences
  7. Gel tints
  8. Rubber masks
  9. Mists
  10. Moisturisers

So how do you choose from so many different beauty brands and products? I have done the research for you and listed some of my favourite go-to products that I keep in my cabinet and use daily. I’m excited for you to try them!


I gush when I tell you about these below products because they are all fantastic and winners in my eyes. Some are inexpensive but are sensational when it comes moisturizing your skin and giving you that SoKo Glow! You must try some of the below because I know you will be hooked too!

  1. Tatcha Luminous Dewy Spray $58
  2. Lindsay Modeling rubber masks $6
  3. Missha Cushion foundation compact 50+ $16
  4. Peripera my cushion blusher $16
  5. Innisfree sheet mask $2
  6. Bitgoa Hue Essence Toner $57
  7. Cure Water based exfoliator aqua gel $30
  8. Vita Propolis ampoule $38
  9. Mizon Hyaluronic acid 100 $15
  10. Dear Darling Gel Lip tint $9