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  • Natural vs Organic Beauty – What You Need to Know

    I remember sitting across from my physician many years ago in my twenties and he said to me “do you work with chemicals?” I said “no!” My boyfriend at the time said, “yes you do?!” The Dr. said, “what’s your occupation?” I said I’m a makeup artist! He wrote down on his clipboard ..WORKS WITH […]

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  • How to Get Your Skin Summer Ready

    Ever wonder what it takes to be an A-Lister to glow with an otherworldly luminesce? You know the kind of incandescent glowing skin that feels like suede to the touch. Flawless, buttery complexions are there to be had if you put in the time and effort. If you have a summer wedding approaching its best […]

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  • Pre-Wedding Face Masks

    With the myriad of beauty options we have staring us down on a daily basis and just begging us to try, the pre-wedding face mask is a particularly important beauty product and whatever you use it needs to perform. Of course, when you are preparing your beauty regime for your big day it’s an absolute […]

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  • Facial Oils: Everything You Need to Know

    I am often asked to recommend products for people’s beauty routines and I truly wished the answers were simple ones. Alas, it is not as simple as one would expect. Beauty is not a one size fits all. Your skin type plays a crucial role when purchasing any beauty product whether makeup or skincare. Products […]

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  • The Best Korean Beauty Products

    I’m officially OBSESSED with Korean beauty products. I have been using them for a couple of years now and just love them! I was asked a few years ago to make a SKII youtube video for the Korean beauty market. So I began with research the category and my mind was BLOWN! How did I […]

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  • The Best Sunscreens You’ll Need This Summer

    This blog is close to my heart. For so many reasons- No.1 I’m quite possibly the palest person on the planet and No.2 I have had four skin cancers before the age of 43. Being Australian we know so much about the sun. The hole in the ozone is pretty much right outside my house! […]

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