Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

Facial Oils: Everything You Need to Know

I am often asked to recommend products for people’s beauty routines and I truly wished the answers were simple ones. Alas, it is not as simple as one would expect. Beauty is not a one size fits all. Your skin type plays a crucial role when purchasing any beauty product whether makeup or skincare. Products are not created equal; this is certainly true when it comes to facial oils. I will break them down for you and help you choose which will best suit your skin and give you the skin that you long for! Oils get a bad rap because most people are scared or clogging their pores and causing breakouts. However, using an oil can help regulate your own oil production and keep your skin naturally hydrated. Common sense tells us we should use lighter oil during the day and something a little heavier at night. In winter, we produce less sebum and our skin is drier and more sebum in summer so we tend to be oiler, so this too dictates how we choose our facial oil.


Facial oils are not designed to use alone. They are designed to be used in conjunction with a moisturizer as they act as a barrier to keep in the moisture longer and help treat your skin with nutrients, which can heal your concern and help achieve beautifully healthy, glowing skin.

DRY SKIN– These skin types do better with hydrating oils like coconut, almond or shea butter. These oils are heavier and trap moisture. They also absorb more slowly than oils with a smaller molecule.

PRODUCT LALICIOUS $28 With its dreamy floral and coconut scent, it traps moisture and leaves skin feeling silky soft.

OILY SKIN– Argan, squalane, apricot, hazelnut, jojoba, and sesame are perfect for oilier skins as they are drier oils and are smaller in molecular size, which means they absorb more quickly into skin.

PRODUCT-PETER THOMAS ROTH OILESS OIL SQUALANE OIL $27  This facial oil is non-irritating, moisturizing, protective and sinks in quickly. Clinical studies behind squalene (olive oil or sugar cane) show it is the best of the best when it comes to facial oils. This oil is suitable for all skin types because it is 100% saturated and stable.

COMBINATION SKIN-Look for oils containing jojoba (close to your body’s own sebum structure) or grapeseed oil, which contains linoleic acid, as these produces rarely produce allergic reactions and are great for sensitive skin. My dermatologist even recommended it after I had basal cell carcinoma removed.

PRODUCT- NOW GRAPESEED OIL (STARTS AT $5 AT YOUR SUPERMARKET) An all natural, light and balancing oil, this is a long lasting product – a little goes a long way! Two drops only! Packed with linoleic acid and food grade quality.

OMEGA 3-THE The facials oils that are packed full of omega-3’s like rosehip or grapeseed oil are a great treatment for inflammation, eczema, and dermatitis. They heal and help plump your skin up, adding a hydrating barrier to keep moisture in.

PRODUCT- KORRES WILD ROSE VITAMIN C BRIGHTENING OIL $54 This floral facial oil is sweet to look at with floating rose petals, but its formula packs a powerful punch with lots of omega-3’s, keeping skin plump and hydrated.

ANTIOXIDANTS-Facial oils that contain antioxidants are perfect for evening out skin tone, treating sun damage and help with anti-aging. Look for oils that contain rice bran oil, blueberry oil, vitamins A and E, and pomegranate oil.

PRODUCT-MAD HIPPIE ANTIOXIDANT FACIAL OIL $24.99 This is rich in the superfruit blueberry oil, which is high in vitamins A and E. This is also a great one for evening out skin tone too!


BEST OIL UNDER MAKEUP-SMASHBOX Smashbox photofinish primer oil is amazing! I use this daily as my skin is becoming drier as I get older. A little goes a long way and it feels silky while also providing a perfect base to apply your makeup over. This product leaves you with a luminous glow, not an oil slick!


  1. Don’t expose facial oil to light
  2. Do not leave or store near any heat causing objects like hot tools or windows
  3. Make sure you replace the pipette quickly or better still buy in an airtight pump-air cause your oil to oxidize and lose efficacy.