Best Wedding Advice from Real Brides

Being in the biz, the wedding biz that is, we get asked for advice on wedding planning quite often. Everything from what to expect at a trunk show to how to choose your bridal style, but today, we thought we would share out best advice from real brides. Because who knows better than the brides themselves! Here are our top ten pieces of advice from real brides who have been through the planning process and said: “I do.”

  1. “When people offer you help with planning – say yes!” – Andrea
  2. “Stay true to your personal style. That goes for both the dress and the wedding theme.” – Kate
  3. “Hire a coordinator – at least for the day-of stuff. You never know what will pop up and you really want to enjoy the day without having to worry what the table settings will look like.” – Sasha
  4. “Invest in a videographer because you will want to relive every moment of the day. On the day of, trust that all the preparation is done and enjoy yourself and your new husband.” – Abby
  5. “Find out what your fiancé cares about and let him take responsibility for planning it! It’ll keep him involved and feeling important. But also make sure it gets done!” – Haley
  6. “Hire a day of coordinator if you don’t want a wedding planner for the whole thing! And make sure that you are prioritizing things that are most important to you and your fiancé. Everyone will have an opinion about what things are important, but invest your budget in the things most special to you both.” – Allie
  7. “I highly recommend doing a first look before the ceremony. It was so special to have the moment alone with my husband and feel the love between us. The whole day will be filled with family and friends, but in the end, it really is just about the two of you so spend some time relishing in the moment.” – Olivia
  8. “The best advice I received was to start planning early and to shop around. IT REALLY DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We changed our date from October to August as it was going to save us a lot of money. Taking the time to pick your menu is also a great tip as the food is a massive deal for your wedding.” – Louise
  9. “We got engaged June 16, 2013, and planned our wedding in under a year. It was a very fun process, but my biggest piece of advice is to not go overboard. We spent a lot of money and time on making personal touches to our wedding and we know a lot got overseen. The most important thing to is to make sure you have an excellent DJ to keep the crowd happy and a wonderful cocktail hour full of food! Your guests are hungry and expect to be feasting!” – Megan
  10. “We received the best advice for our wedding day. A friend told us, at some point in the night take a step back with one another and gaze around the room. She told us to watch everyone as they laugh, eat, drink, smile, dance and best of all have fun. We followed her advice, and in that moment we realized everyone is there, under one roof, because of the love between my husband and I. Nothing can beat that feeling of genuine love and support we felt on September 12, 2015.” – Vanessa