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Tips for Choosing Satin Wedding Dresses

Smooth, luxurious and shiny, satin is one of the most elegant fabrics brides can choose for their bridal gown! Satin wedding dresses have proven timeless and sophisticated and have been worn by celebrity brides like Elizabeth Taylor and Miranda Kerr.  

Additionally, wedding dresses made from satin fabric are both versatile and durable, making them an excellent option for any bride who is considering this gorgeous finish for their wedding day! 

What is a Satin Wedding Dress? 

The term “satin” refers to the finish of the dress, as opposed to the textile itself. The fabric’s durability and weight come from a high thread count, typically created from a blend of different fibers. The good news is, durability does not necessarily make the dress heavy, but there are some satin fabrics that are lighter than others. 

Satin wedding dresses are not only sophisticated but will prove to be extremely photogenic because of their lustrous, glossy finish and ability to hold in place for different poses. Before you jump into shopping, read below to learn what to expect when looking for a satin wedding gown. 

Tips for Finding the Best Satin Wedding Dress for Your Body Type and Theme 

Consider Your Wedding Venue  

Light colored satin fabric can stain easily so brides getting married outdoors on a sandy beach or on the freshly mowed lawn of an estate may want to keep this in mind. Satin wedding dresses naturally shine in elegant indoor venues like art galleries and ballrooms. If getting married outdoors is a non-negotiable, brides can look for venues that have pavement and structures that help the bottom of their elegant satin wedding dresses avoid the elements.  

Pick Your Satin Fabric Based on The Season  

The weight of the wedding dress can be affected by the type of satin fabric. More heavyweight fabrics like Duchess Satin and matte satin are optimal for weddings taking place in cooler months or in places like the snowy mountains. While silk satin and light satin charmeuse are lighter and more easily worn for weddings in warmer temperatures— both fabrics are extremely popular right now and can be worn virtually any time of year. Brides should pay attention to how the gown feels on their body before purchasing their dream gown, as they will be wearing it for hours at a time and want to be sure they feel comfortable. 

What Are a Few Different Types of Satin Fabrics That Are Used in Wedding Dresses? 

Sandwashed Silk Satin Fabric 

Sandwashed silk satin has an incredibly soft and smooth surface, making it the ideal fabric for layering while draping beautifully on the body. It is comfortable, durable and can be worn any time of year. 

Style 1471 from Martina Liana is an exquisite, modern satin dress. Lustrous sandwashed satin, coupled with an elegant cap sleeve and buttons down the back, make this bridal style especially elegant for a formal black-tie wedding. 

When it comes to satin wedding dresses, you can never go wrong with a classic A-line gown like Martina Liana Style 1438. This tried-and-true silhouette looks polished with the flattering cowl scoop neckline and breezy skirt. It makes for the most breathtaking wedding day look! 

Matte Satin Fabric 

Matte satin is a medium-weight fabric that keeps its smooth satin feel but has a modern matte finish and appearance. Unlike most satin fabrics that have a lustrous and shiny look, matte satin features an elegant, muted shine. 

A ballgown wedding dress like Essense of Australia Style D3596 will always be a timeless choice for nearly any season, style or venue. Cut from matte satin fabric, this elegant wedding dress features a wide scoop neckline, delicate floral lace accents and in-seam pockets, making it the ideal contemporary wedding dress for a show-stopping walk down the aisle.   

Looking for something modern and a bit sexy? Brides will look stunning in the eye-catching fit-and-flare silhouette of Essense of Australia Style D3546. The sophisticated sweetheart notched neckline and lace side cutouts will have you commanding all the attention in the room.  

How Do Satin Wedding Dresses Fit? 

The fit of a satin wedding dress often depends on the type of fabric that is selected. For fabrics made with silk satin, brides will want it to drape naturally and fall onto the curves of the body. With the shine and reflection of satin, be sure to pay special attention to the fit and how the dress lays on you — so that you feel confident and your best on the big day!   

The luxurious sandwashed silk satin fabric of Style 1453 from Martina Liana is lined with a soft satin lining for an ideal fit that glides across the natural curves of the column sheath silhouette and drapes into a sweeping long train. 

Matte satin fabric on the other hand, absorbs the light rather than reflects it. This means that it can be a bit more forgiving! The smoothness of the fabric also means brides do not need to worry about pulling, tugging or adjusting the dress throughout the day to make it look right.

Stella York Style 7457 features an ideal matte satin. You’ll notice how this fabric effortlessly hugs the body to create a chic and forgiving sheath silhouette. The plunging V-neckline features an illusion tulle that still provides support while still beautifully sculpting the body. 

Do Satin Wedding Dresses Wrinkle Easily?  

While satin wedding dresses are known to be smooth, it does not mean they can’t wrinkle. Luckily, satin fabrics are safe to steam. Brides can steam their gown the morning of the wedding as they’re getting ready or it can be done at a bridal or alterations shop prior to the day of the wedding.  

Ready to find the satin wedding dress of your dreams? Find a bridal salon near you to get started!