Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

The Top 6 Best Dry Shampoos

Dry shampoo is a marvel of modern beauty. What did we ever do before it? To me, it’s like life before the was just more time-consuming. Don’t even get me started on life before google maps! This is how important dry shampoo is to the lifestyle of the working woman or (man.)

From the gym to the office to the city’s hottest nightspots dry shampoo gives you versatility without a single drop of water! Dry shampoo is the beating heart of hair’s go to cult products that clean the hair, add volume or add some texture before curling or heat styling. If you’re not already a fan…You should be, because they have evolved beyond the corn and rice starch products of yesteryear so check out  some of the below hot hair brands and what they have to offer! With your upcoming honeymoon, this gem of the hair world will save you hours of styling time leaving you for more time for adventure. It’s a fine hair person’s saviour without adding weight and great for adding love to the end of your ponytail or volume to your braids! If you are thinking about a destination wedding and the weather is hot and humid make sure you pack one or two of these away in your case before departing.

Not all dry shampoos are created equal. Now they come with added extras like hairsprays, texturizers and volumisers. Making sure you know which brand does what, keeps you putting your best hair forward and lifts your style game in a flash. So step away from the rinse and repeat and become obsessed with some of my personal beauty favourites!

  • Baptiste –sprays white but brushes out leaving the hair fuller sans the grease. Great for ponytail ends and adding that extra oomph!
  • Oribe– microfine powder that leaves your hair refreshed for days- a celeb favourite.
  • Bumble and bumble dry spun-so light that this is a fine haired person’s dream-it has a soft hold hairspray included too that helps add texture and holds shapes.
  • Klorane- freshens hair without the residue, keeps your blowout fresh and manageable for days.
  • Living proof-An award winning dry shampoo that actually cleans hair, eliminating oil, sweat and odour.
  • John Frieda Luxurious Dry Shampoo– creates volume and lift that holds all day leaving the hair revitalised and fresh.

Say no to the alcohol spritzing dry shampoos-they leave your hair brittle and lifeless.


Lift the hair and spritz lightly at the roots to the mid lengths to freshen and revive your hair and its style. To add volume-spray the dry shampoo throughout your hair right through to the ends. Spray through the ends of your hair to add extra volume to help texturize your ponytail or add thickness to your braids.