Top 10 Bridal Beauty Checklist

Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

Top 10 Bridal Beauty Checklist

So its begun.. He proposed.. you said YES! The ring is on and you are about to embark on the most wonderful day of your life together -your wedding day! You got the guy and let’s face it you already knew which dazzling wedding dress you desired since…FOREVER 😉 and your wedding hairstyle is sure to make you “Best Tressed” so it’s time to get out your calendar and start marking the countdown to the biggest bridal beauty boot camp of your life! Think of me as the Zsa Zsa Gabor of makeup..I’ve attended more weddings than some people have had dinners so I will give you the need to know on all things that will make you glow on your special day!

1. Manicure for the ring viewings. Remember, your hands will be on show more than they’ve ever been so make sure you show them the love by moisturising and manicuring them. For the big day, secure an appointment the day before your wedding for a manicure/pedicure to avoid chipping.

2. Fitness plan. Hopefully this is in your daily routine already. Make sure you exercise daily, eat healthful foods and drink at least 2 liters of water a day and get plenty of sleep. This will give you an amazing glow and energy to get through your planning and your wedding day. All of these things will have you looking and feeling your best!

3. If you have skin issues, plan to see a dermatologist at least 6 months out. Have a good skin routine happening now if you do not already have one. Exfoliate, Cleanse then moisturise (in that order) daily-you’ll love the results! Don’t forget to exfoliate your body too!

4. Any skin treatments such as laser and hair removal should be done 3-4 months out from your wedding day. Plan your waxing treatments accordingly. Never the day before! Keratin hair treatments that control frizz (great hair tip for the ladies in humid locations) at least one month out-too close to the big event and your hair could sit flat.) Hair color should be 1.5 weeks out from your wedding day.

5. Tan two days before the event. You want a subtle glow-think Victoria Secret Angels- any mistakes or overspray’s can be corrected in that time.

6. You may find a pimple or two may arise close to your big day-make a call to your dermatologist who can zap them away with a small shot of cortisone or you can ice it and take an anti-inflammatory to help with the swelling. Do not squeeze it.

7. I’m a big fan of coconut oil treatments for your hair weekly-so saturate your hair with the oil and then braid it. I sleep in the treatment (put a towel on your pillow) or just sit with it for 30 mins. Two shampoos and a very light condition and you’re good to go! Shiny and silky hair to go! A good tip is not treat your hair the week of your wedding as healthy hair is not easy to work with!

8. Make sure you exfoliate the morning of your wedding. Use a non-oily moisturiser as your makeup artist should be able to control any oiliness or shine with their own products. As a precaution-when you trial your makeup with your artist, if you will be wearing extra sunscreen, make sure you let your artist know-they will advise you if they prefer working with a particular one. The Titanium Dioxide in sunscreen can make your makeup whiter than it really is in photos-so always take a few photos in different light to check you are wearing the right one.

9. Don’t go to anyone you are not familiar with their work in the last week prior the big day-trusted stylists only. Even at the referral of a friend. Boy have I seen some disasters!

10. Don’t try anything you have not previously tried before in the way of skin care or makeup products a week before your wedding-you do not want to cause an allergic reaction-stick to products you know.