The 7 Minute Cinch
Maggie Mueller

Maggie Mueller

Guest Blogger

The 7 Minute Cinch: Fitness Fix for the Busy Bride

The New Year snuck up on you. When you were setting the date for your big day you thought, “Perfect, I have an entire year to get in the best shape of my life!” But in the midst of life, planning, and good ‘ole procrastination, time got away from you and the arrival of 2017 has launched you into a full fledge frenzy. Don’t hit the panic button just yet! Whether your wedding is still a good ways out or only a few weeks away, there’s still time to tone and start your bridal fitness routine. Add this 7 Minute Cinch to your daily routine for some pretty incredible results.

Flow from one exercise into the next with no rest. Grab your timer – The 7 Minute Cinch begins now!

1. Free Motion Arms
Position your lower body in a wide, second position, plié squat hold. Toes are slightly turned out and pelvis is tucked.

Free Motion Arms

Stretch your arms away from your body to form a “T” position with your torso. Keeping your shoulders down and chest out, make small, continuous circles with your arms. Complete 1 minute circling backward and 1 minute circling forward.

Free Motion Arms

Pro tip: Focus on keeping your core squeezed and your tailbone tucked under.

2. Plié & Sumo Alternating Squats
Clasping your hands above your head, straighten your legs but remain in a wide, second position.

Plie & Sumo Alternating Squats

Bending at your knees and hips and keeping your pelvis tucked, complete two full pliés. Then press your booty backward and complete two wide sumo squats. Your feet do not change positions and your chest stays up! Alternate 2 plié, 2 sumo for 1 minute.

Plie & Sumo Alternating Squats

Plie & Sumo Alternating Squats

Pro tip: Make sure your weight is always focused downward through the center of your foot, never through your toes. If you feel any pressure in your knees, you may need to widen your stance and decrease the depth of your plié/squat.

3. Forearm Drop
Transition into a downward facing dog position with your feet hip width apart.

Forearm Drops

Keeping your elbows in line with your palms, slowly drop your forearms to the floor and lift back up to return to starting position. Do not let your elbows push outward! Imagine your elbows trying to touch as you lift. To modify, perform this exercise with your hands on the wall instead of the floor. Complete forearm drops for 1 min.

Forearm Drops

Pro tip: Attempt to press your feet flat onto the floor while in downdog. The higher the booty, the trimmer the triceps!

4. Plank Hold
Flow from downward facing dog into a straight-arm plank on your palms. Tuck, your tailbone, close your ribcage, and squeeze your shoulder blades. To modify, you may drop to your knees or forearms. Hold this position for 1 minute.

Plank Hold

Pro tip: Control your core. Do NOT let your lower back take the brunt of the work. Think “hips to the floor, belly to the ceiling”!

5. Booty Bridges
Flip to supine position and place your feet flat on the floor, hip width apart. Close your rib cage (imagine a corset tightening) and relax your upper body.

Booty Bridge

Beginning with your tailbone, roll through your spine, peeling one vertebra off the floor at a time until you are in a full bridge with your hips as high as you can handle. Reverse the movement and roll down. Your tailbone must be first up and last down. Once you are comfortable with the movement, speed up your tempo – 2 counts up, 2 counts down for 1 minute.

Booty Bridge

Pro tip: DO NOT let your knees widen at the top of your bridge. Your natural reaction will be to let your knees fall open to alleviate the pressure on your booty. Resist. If anything, you want to pull your knees toward each other!

6. Booty Bridge Pulse
At the height of your booty bridge, pulse the movement by dropping your hips just 6 inches then returning to full bridge. Warning – this will murder your booty! Push through for 1 minute more.

Booty Bridge Pulse

Booty Bridge Pulse

Pro tip: Focus on raising and lowering your tailbone but do not release your core – the tighter your abs, the more you will feel the burn in your bum!

That’s your 7 Minute Cinch! Add this routine to your daily schedule. Regular exercise will not only give you the fit figure you’re looking for but it will also provide you with extra energy to push through this final phase of planning. Keep up the good work. Click here for more 7 minute trouble-spot toning!

Wishing you Peace & Pilates in 2017,


You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs.