Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

How to Style Your Post-Pool Hair

We love summer. When summer arrives, it’s pretty much every woman’s right of passage to be all jacked up on vitamin D sipping Aperol Spritz’s by the pool! However, the hashtag #summerhairdon’tcare need not apply. A dip in the pool can fade or strip your colour in a flash. Chlorine can make hair brittle, dry damaged and dull and UV rays can stress your mane to its limits and can change the chemical structure of your hair, thus causing changes in the colour. It is especially important to protect your hair if it has been chemically processed. It can make the hair porous and allow for even more dramatic color changes. I have seen blonde locks turn green due to over exposure to chemicals in a swimming pool. A trip to the hairdresser is costly enough these days, who needs to add a colour correction?


Here are some quick ways to delay any damage or even stop it in its tracks!

  1. Hair is porous, so before diving in make sure you soak your hair with fresh water first, that way it’s already saturated with fresh water which stops chlorinated water from being drawn into the shaft.
  2. Add conditioner, oil or hair sunscreen like Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil to your hair prior to hitting the water. Again this adds a barrier to your cuticle and makes it harder for the chlorinated water to strip any colour but the sunscreen is by far my favourite as it wards off harsh UV rays and protects your hair.
  3. You can wear a swim cap-it’s not pretty or stylish but it does work. A go to if you are swimming for fitness.


DYI at home hacks after chlorine and UV exposure

  1. Rinse your hair in fresh water at the very least if exposed to chlorine. A great option for removing chlorine deposits is Apple cider vinegar, a popular alternative to conditioner, which works with the bicarbonate to restore the natural pH of the hair.
  2. Bicarbonate of soda. The traditional alternative to shampoo cleans the scalp without stripping it of natural oils.
  3. Ultra-Swim Chlorine removal moisturising shampoo.
  4. To help counteract any green tone to your hair, you can dissolve an Aspirin in water and rinse your hair with the solution. Make sure you condition hair after both of these at home hacks.


To “Poo or not to Poo!”

Shampoo strips your hair and scalp of beneficial oils and moisture then your scalp provides more to replace the lost oils-thus the cycle begins. So I have embraced Biolage’s Cleansing Conditioner. I LOVE it! My hairdresser introduced me to it. It’s a no shampoo cleanser/conditioner all in one. Helps reduce dryness and damage that shampooing does to your hair. No more shampoo!


Styling Tips

Whether in a pool or on a beach, caring for your hair is critical as your hair is most fragile when it is wet. Water breaks down the natural hydrogen bonds in the hair. They do reform again when the hair dries but while wet, they are most fragile. Great ways to style your hair to protect it from damage or UV rays are-

  1. Braids- any braid will help keep the hair looking chic and cool while protecting it. Add some Leonor Greyl Lait Luminescence before braiding to help detangle and protect.
  2. Top Knot-I add a sun protectant or leave in conditioner- like Kevin Murphy’s Leave in repair which leaves your hair replenished, restored and strengthened, with breakage reduced over time.
  3. Use a wide tooth comb- I use an Afro comb daily to relieve and tangles and reduce stress when combing my hair. I swear by it.
  4. If the beach is your thing and you love to swim and air dry your locks, my two favourite products for this are IGK RICH KID Coconut Oil Gel for moisturized separation or Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow It for separation and hold. Both of these are great to just add to your hair and air dry.

I hope you enjoyed my tips and tricks! For more summer styles, check out my post on heatless summer hairstyles!