Real Martina Liana Bride Alicia + Brady

While we love hearing about the love stories between our brides and their grooms, we especially hearing about our brides falling in love with their wedding gowns! Read on to learn more about how real Martina Liana bride Alicia knew she found the one – both husband and gown!

From the bride: I had suspicions about when Brady was going to finally propose, but I was thrown way off guard. He had a good friend photoshop his work schedule, leading me to believe he would be staying in Dallas and working all weekend. This, along with other lies, had me clueless about what was actually going to happen. On Saturday I was watching the A&M football game at a friend’s house, just like any other day, when my friend Amy from high school walked in, which was weird because she didn’t know the friends I was with. She had a note from Brady telling me to go next door, where I found another note from Brady that said: “See you soon!” We spent the next hour or so freaking out, happy crying, shaking, and giggling in excitement while Amy, who is a hairdresser, got me all ready. Then, two of our couple friends picked me up and drove me to Research Park. This is somewhere Brady and I had gone on several dates over the years. They dropped me off and told me to follow the sidewalk. I was dying to see Brady at this point! As I got closer, there was an area set up for each year we had been dating with photos from that year, a note about our relationship that year, and the number of roses corresponding to what year it was – 6 years and 21 roses total. After reading the notes, I turned the corner, and there Brady was looking so ridiculously handsome. He took my hands and spoke sweetly about our relationship, why he loved me, and our future together, before getting down on one knee asking, “Alicia D’ann Nettles, will you marry me?” I quickly said yes, and he replaced my True Love Waits ring with the most gorgeous ring I’ve ever seen. Then, he prayed over us; This was such a special moment, coming before God and dedicating our future marriage to Him. We danced to the song that we first met dancing to, and then took some pictures. Afterwards, we went back to my house, where all our family and friends were waiting to celebrate. This day held so many tears and so much joy. Brady was extremely thoughtful and sweet in all his planning and made our engagement absolutely perfect. He was my first boyfriend, first kiss, and first love. Now here we are six years later and I get to marry the man of my dreams.

My bridal style was timeless and elegant. It was very important to me to find a dress that I loved today and would still love 30 years from now. I had a very particular image in mind of what I wanted my dress to be. I was actually very doubtful I would be able to find any in a bridal salon that would be right for me. This gown hanging on the rack caught my eye almost immediately while the consultant was still talking to me. After trying on many other gowns, I put on this gown and fell in LOVE. It was so beautiful and the boning made it such a flattering fit. It was timeless, elegant and ALMOST exactly what I was looking for. I had always wanted a beaded back, and couldn’t do without it. When I told my consultant this she told me there was an option to customize the gown and add beading to the back. My heart jumped when she said this. I had found my wedding dress!!!! The absolute perfect dress that I didn’t think would be possible to find! I am so very grateful for Martina Liana’s beautiful designs and the ability to customize on this gown. The gown with customizations turned out even more gorgeous than I could have imagined! Many of my wedding guests told me it was the prettiest wedding gown they had ever seen. I am so happy with my experience and my beautiful Martina Liana gown!

Our wedding was styled to be timeless, elegant, and romantic. Our colors were a light blue-gray, gold, and white, focusing mainly on the white and gold with greenery. It turned out beautiful! Our entire wedding day was so special. During our reception we had a beautiful fireworks display, it was one of my favorite moments of the day! It was perfectly fitting of the excitement we felt that day!

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