Eva Santiago

Guest Blogger

Power Up for Bridal Bliss

Sometimes I’m a morning person and sometimes I’m not. There are days when I wake up rested and ready to take on the world  and other days where I could sleep for another 4 hours. On those “another 4 hours” days, breakfast (and how I’m eating in general) becomes more important than ever. As a bride, you’ll run into multiple days of having to be at the top of your game… think engagement parties, bridal showers, dress shopping, just to name a few. Not to mention the two big ones – Dress Rehearsal followed the next morning by your actual wedding day. These are the chaotic days when you’ll want to skip breakfast or eat fast food in order to spend more time on your hair – but remember – as a bride you need to fuel to enjoy your happy moments, and hair spray isn’t fuel.

So, #WellnesBabe, what should my bridal breakfast plan and general eating guidelines include?

I thought you’d never ask (you’re such a smart bride!). My fave way to get myself awake, moving, and ready for anything is with a Banana Power Bowl – an easy, quick dish that incorporates my key eating/grocery shopping mantras. This is an amazing way to get you ready for anything your wedding activities throw your way, as well as containing ingredients that help your skin and hair to look its best… which every bride wants, #amiright?

Deets on my Banana Power Bowl are at the end of this post (skip there if you’re in a hurry and desperate for a healthy breakfast routine), but first a little bit of planning and prepping.  You know how I roll – giving you something you can use right now (Banana Power Bowl), but also some advice to empower your overall health and wellness.

So, some quick tips. A trip to the grocery store can sometimes be so overwhelming, and you have enough of that right now with your wedding planning. So many choices, so many options. Simplify your time by using a few of my easy food guidelines.

I have a saying and I use it when I teach my yoga classes. “Don’t resist the easy.”  I’ll see a student who is pushing past the point where their breath is labored and I’ll say “chill, relax, breath easy.” But they don’t and I’ll remind them “don’t resist the easy”. Eating according to what life is asking of your mind and body – aka healthy – isn’t always the easiest. So, take the breaks when you can get them, and eating right actually does give you a few.

Remember these 4 things to be at your bridal best on the big days – and all your future days as a “Mrs.”:

  1. Less Legs
  2. Raw Nuts
  3. Long Shelf Life
  4. How do you pronounce that?


  1. Less Legs

Always try to choose the foods that come from a source with the least amount of legs. Yes, I said legs. If I’m at a party and there are burgers and chicken, I’ll opt for the chicken, as they have fewer legs than a cow. Cows milk or coconut milk? As far as I know, coconuts don’t have legs. Coconut milk please. Chicken or fish? Legless fish taste good. Less legs usually means less saturated fats, less calories and less cholesterol. Now if the chicken at the party is fried and battered and the burger is a nice lean cut of meat, I’ll opt for the burger, because there needs to be some leeway. Decisions within reason, but I’ll always sway to Less Legs.

  1.  Raw Nuts

This should be your go-to snack especially as the wedding stress ramps up.  Avoid nuts and seeds that are roasted in honey, oil, or have any other added flavors. ALWAYS buy them raw. Trust me on this. They are delicious enough on their own so keep them clean and natural. They are most nutritious when they are in their least altered form and usually less expensive (what bride doesn’t like that?), and packed with energy. As a warning, don’t start loving on raw nuts the week leading up to your big day, as you need to give your body (digestive system) time to adjust and embrace them. If you go from zero to lots of raw nuts, chances are you’ll experience bloating, gas, or quick exits of everything in your system. Start this healthy energy habit early and often! WellnesBabe’s Fave = Nuts.com, which is high quality, large variety, shipped to your door, family biz since 1929!

  1.  Long Shelf Life

Ever see a recipe you are really excited about trying but you look at the list of ingredients and you only have 3 of the 15 listed in your kitchen? That would mean buying a bunch of ingredients that you may or may not use ever again, and if you do, chances are they’ve expired. Aint nobody – or no bride – got time for that. Instead keep your pantry/freezer stocked with healthy and versatile foods with long shelf lives. Nuts, whole grains, raisins, extracts, and frozen veggies and fruit. Make these your meal building blocks as you get ready for one of the biggest changes in life, then continue on after you’re a couple. WellnesBabe’s Fave = CookingLight.com’s 5-Ingredient meal recipes, you can get them online or go ole’ school and buy the cookbook!

  1.  How do you pronounce that?

If there are more than 2 ingredients that you’ve never heard of or ones that you can’t pronounce… they should be off your grocery list. Don’t try and read it more carefully or look at the picture on the box to convince yourself it’s healthy. Commit to the rule and just put it back on the shelf and move on. Big, long, complicated names not only tax your brain while you’re in the store, they tax your body, skin, and mood once they’re in your system.

Using these guidelines when shopping for Banana Power Bowl ingredients – and everything else you put in your mouth – will be easier on the wallet and on your waistline.

As promised, your #WellnesBabe #readysetglow take-away:

Banana Power Bowl – 10 minutes to prepare (and this includes getting things on and off your shelves!)

bran flakes

unsweetened low fat milk

small handful of almonds – 6 to 8 pieces ( I give my almonds one good hard hit on the mortar and pestle to break them up a little so they are in bits and pieces)

1 heaping tablespoon of pumpkin seeds

a few dashes of cinnamon

half a packet of stevia or half a tspn of agave syrup.  If your almond milk is already sweetened then forget the stevia and agave.

½ small banana diced.

Mix all together. Supa Yum!

The Power Bowl has a little bit of protein,  vitamin C,  whole grain fiber, calcium, omega 3s, copper, manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium. These ingredients are great for creating glowing skin, hair and aid in healthy digestion overall.

You are spending so much time planning and thinking about your wedding right now, don’t forget to think about creating the energy to enjoy the fruits of your labor (more on what fruits are the best to eat in a later post!). So take a moment, plan ahead, and spending a little bit of time investing in what you’re putting in your body – if your body is happy it will magnify all the other happiness in life!