Martine Harris

Chief Creative Officer

Martine Loves: Rococo-inspired Details

This season it’s all about Rococo-inspired details! Opulent French details are making a statement in bridal and my brides will love how couture this style feels. But you might be asking yourself, what exactly is Rococo and how can I make this trend work for me?

Let’s start with the basics: what is Rococo?  Rococo is an elaborate, late Baroque style of ornamental decoration that reached popularity in 18th century France. So, how does this translate to bridal wear? The answer is more simple than you think! This magnificent look is achieved through a mix of bugle beads, pearls, Swarovski crystals and sequins. Enhanced with linear seamwork and multi-dimensional lace, the Rococo-inspired styles are truly enchanting. But you might also be asking yourself, how can I make this time-honored trend feel fresh and new to my modern style? Again, simple! While my collection honors the latticework, sparkling beading and floral lace of traditional Rococo style, this collection places these design elements on chic and sexy silhouettes that brides today are craving. Modern fabrics and the classic Martina Liana construction come together with Rococo details to create a collection that is both unique and style conscious. Trust me, you will love how bespoke this collection feels.

Martina Liana style 905

Romantic and reminiscent of antique wedding dresses, this gown uses linear seaming, layered floral lace and delicate lattice lace to achieve the Rococo look. The large scale lace around the hemline creates depth and dimension and flows into a substantial train that brides will love!

Martina Liana style 904

In a sexy silhouette, this gown really plays with Rococo latticework in a modern way. By weaving the pattern around the bodice and down the hips, the latticework is able to create curves and shapes. Juxtaposed with scrolling, floral lace and subtle shimmer, this wedding dress is a perfect example of how elegant Rococo can be!

Martina Liana style 870

Rich pearl and bugle beading come together in this deeply romantic off-the-shoulder wedding dress. The bugle beads form delicate lattice patterns, while luxe layered lace creates a sexy silhouette. The sheer bodice gives a sense of modernity while still nodding to traditional Rococo designs.

And there you have it! Rococo design is such an opulent element and I really think my new collection gives this over-the-top style a more modern feeling. Whether you’re looking for something traditionally bridal, or maybe just something sexy, my new collection of wedding dresses will have the gown of your dreams.

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