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Martine Loves: Industrial Chic

One of the fastest-growing trends in bridal is industrial chic weddings. From elegantly modern decor and minimalist style to reclaimed reception spaces and slip dress inspired wedding dresses, there are so many ways to interpret this trend. But where do you start? I think one of the biggest challenges for brides who want an industrial chic wedding is creating a space that projects modernity without feeling cold and sparse. Creating a personal and intimate wedding in a lofty reclaimed space can be challenging from a design perspective. The key to creating a space that is as unique as your love story is having a keen eye, staying true to yourself and to always remember that less is more with industrial chic.

First things first: the venue. The real jumping off point for any wedding is the venue and for industrial chic weddings, nothing could be more true. Be on the lookout for reclaimed warehouses, factories and lofts. Bonus points for floor to ceiling windows, weathered beams, or exposed brick.


Metal is a major key. I know what you’re thinking, too much metal can feel overly masculine and not bridal. It certainly can go in that direction but by using metal as an accent and not as a main design element you can really create something quite chic. Brushed metals or copper are my personal favorites but really any metals will have a similar effect.

Industrial Chic Weddings

Give your guests a preview of what’s to come by choosing modern invitations. Skip the more script-like calligraphy and instead go for block lettering. If you have your heart set on calligraphy, try a more cool color palette like greys and blues that will match the interior of your venue.

Industrial Chic Invites
Image: Tiarra Sorte. Paper goods: Dorothy Huynh

Now comes the tricky part: the flowers! Anytime you add natural elements to a hard, industrial space, there is guaranteed to be a high contrast. But this will work to your advantage. If you want to keep it simple and highlight the overall space, choose flowers in one color like white, or stick with mostly greens that won’t compete with your overall design. If you’re going for a high contrast, try deeply saturated jewel tones that still feel modern but will add a much needed pop of color to the space.

Industrial Chic Florals
Image: Tiarra Sorte. Florals: juliet + lou. Gown: Martina Liana Style 685

Finally, the dress! There are so many things to consider when searching for a wedding dress and we all have preconceived notions about what kind of dress each of us want. One emerging trend that has really taken off at industrial chic weddings is the slip dress. Simple yet luxurious, a slip dress will only compliment your overall theme. Below are some of my top picks for wedding dresses inspired by the trend.

Essense of Australia Style D1951
Essense of Australia Style D1951

Martina Liana Style 791

Martina Liana Style 791

Stella York Style 6332

Stella York Style 6332

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