How To: Find a Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day

Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

How To: Find a Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day

It’s probably going to be one of the most important makeup days of your life. For some, it’s the only time they will ever have the opportunity to have a personal makeup artist to make them feel like a princess. Hair and makeup should never be overlooked or downplayed because of budget. If you are spending thousands of dollars on a photographer and also your dream bridal gown then you want to look your best. These images will be looked upon for generations to come, with pride hopefully! There can be no short cuts when it comes down to it. People will remember how you looked, not what the table centrepiece was or how the seat covers looked!

I have seen some disasters in my 25 years. I have been called in after someone thought a cheaper artist would work and in the end it cost more by having a second person come in. It happens. I watched girls pay the hair or makeup person then wash it off in tears. I have some of the CRAZIEST book-worthy bridal stories from early on in my career. This blog will help you not become one of those brides. So let’s channel the chic stylists not the wannabe youtuber! All makeup artists were not created equal.

Perfect makeup will accent your finest features not mask them. A great artist will be able to let you know which colours and styles will suit your colouring, gown and features, helping you sparkle on your special day. They are the key to bringing it all together seamlessly and flawlessly. So how do you find a great one?
I usually recommend to brides that they do their research. Talk to people who have already tied the knot and ask if they liked their artist. It’s an important relationship-bride and artist as you spend many hours together and need to have some synergy in personality and beauty ideals. The last thing you want is an artist who wanders in late and unorganised causing chaos and stress on your wedding day.
Where to find a great artist..
• Your best friend’s recommendation from her experience. Word of mouth is always a great way to find someone great.
• An agency-modelling agency or bridal agency. Check out their websites.
• Through your wedding planner.
• Bridal blogs have some great vendor lists and contacts from real life brides.
• Local bridal magazines-check out the editorial spreads and if you like any images of the makeup looks, contact the artist who is mentioned.
• I’m hesitant to say social media. But I guess if you do your research and have a trial and it works out- its ok. Buyer beware-sometimes the images are not their own.
• Go to Sephora, Mac or on counter and see if there is someone’s make up that you like. If their application is good then have a trial with them.

Remember to..
1. Definitely have a trial. Make sure the trial is on the day you try on your dress and have your hair done the same day. You want to see how you will look on the day. Make sure you arrange a dinner date or party that night so you can see how well it all lasts. Pre-wedding images or engagement photoshoots are also a great time to align your trial with.

2. Speak up at the trial so the artist understands what you want. Give them a chance to rectify what might be as simple as a lighter lip colour.

3. Take photos in all different lights to see what you look like on film.

4. Get a list of products you may need for touch ups.

5. Take a couple of photos of how you wear your makeup day to day-sometimes this helps an artist see your comfort level. Discuss in depth their idea of natural verses your idea of natural.

6. Buy your own lip colour to touch up on your wedding day. Ask the artist what they used. A lip colour can make or break a makeup.

7. Let them know any allergies you may have or dislikes.

8. Take a couple of magazine tear sheets to show the artist what you are thinking so you can get on the same page quickly. Ask their opinion.

9. Check their rates. Ask if they are inclusive of travel, lashes, time and check if there are special rates for a larger party.

10. Do your trial well in advance of your big day. At least 4-6 weeks. Just in case you need to find someone else. Make sure the artist has at least 2 other artists on standby in case something unfortunate happens and they cannot make it. Make a tentative booking/hold with a second artist in case.