Hot Wedding Trend: Cascading Bouquets

The custom of carrying flowers down the aisle originated in ancient times, when brides carried bunches of garlic and herbs to ward off evil spirits. Wedding bouquets of herbs and garlic soon transformed into spices, like dill, and fresh, edible marigolds. (Brides would carry edible herbs and flowers to later share them with her groom and guests to be consumed at the reception to promote celebratory sharing.)

Today, the only superstition wedding bouquets hold is for single women who jump to catch them at the reception. (It is said that the one who catches the wedding bouquet will be the next to marry.)

The different types of wedding bouquet styles

From the arm sheaf to the nosegay, the posy to the cascading bouquet, who knew there were 19+ different styles of wedding bouquets from which to choose? Of all the beautiful options, cascading wedding bouquets made our list of the top wedding bouquet choices this season.

Also known as a teardrop or waterfall bouquet, the cascading bouquet first became popular during WWII. It is the most formal of bouquet choices, roundish at the top with trails of vertical flowers cascading from the bottom.

The most popular cascading wedding bouquet in the world

In 1981, 750 million people watched as Princess Diana carried down the aisle a 42-inch long, 15-inch wide cascadian bouquet of yellow roses, white orchids and myrtle.

Princess Diana Cascading Bouquet

Modern cascading marvels

Modern cascading bridal bouquets range from rustic and foliage-heavy to exotic orchids to soft roses and calla lilies. The best choice depends on when and where you are to be married. For a fall-winter indoor wedding opt for something with a deep colorful pop. For a spring-spring wedding, incorporate seasonal favorites in soft colors.

succulent cascading bouquet

The Natural Wedding Company


Greenery Cascading Bouquet

Gooch & Gawler


jewel toned cascading bouquet

Larissa Cleveland Photography


white cascading bouquet

Brklyn View Photography


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