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  • Real Stella York Bride Amanda + Brett

    Real Stella York bride Amanda’s tropical wedding to groom Brett was the filled with island touches that made their wedding day unique. From her amazing local flowers, to the sunset ceremony, we can’t help but want a piña colada after reading about all the sweet details of the day. Amanda’s beach-inspired wedding dress with low […]

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  • Best Wedding Flowers by Season

    Just as it’s cheaper to buy fruits and vegetables in-season, buying blooms in their prime can offer significant savings. But in-season wedding flowers offer so much more than a cost break; they set the tone of your wedding celebration. After all, a winter wedding formal wouldn’t be complete without a deep red bloom. In contrast, […]

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  • Wedding Inspiration: Citrus

    On the hunt for the perfect wedding palette? Hands down, the most popular color of the moment is citrus. From ruby red to sweet clementine, you’ll love the fresh look that orange, lime, yellow, coral, red and pink bring to your wedding day. Colors that look perfect with citrus Paired with yellow and red, citrus […]

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  • Hot Wedding Trend: Cascading Bouquets

    The custom of carrying flowers down the aisle originated in ancient times, when brides carried bunches of garlic and herbs to ward off evil spirits. Wedding bouquets of herbs and garlic soon transformed into spices, like dill, and fresh, edible marigolds. (Brides would carry edible herbs and flowers to later share them with her groom […]

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  • Summer Bridal Bouquet Inspiration

    Among all the blessings of a summer wedding, bloom the most stunning summer bridal bouquet options. From soft pastel peonies to heat-resistent succulents to fragrant roses and hydrangeas, our love for fresh summer bridal flowers grows and grows. Here are a few of our favorites:   A rose and dahlia delight {Photo by Hello Love […]

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