Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

How To Grow Your Hair Out Before Your Wedding

Growing your hair out after a bad day at the hairdressers or over processing it could quite possibly be the most frustrating thing to do when it comes to following your beauty ideals for your dream wedding hair. This fall’s on trend hair looks all have some length to them. But wait!? Wasn’t last season’s go to hair chic and shorter? Mmmm…?

Planning your wedding hair takes some serious and well thought out planning. You can gain at least 12 inches in growth in approximately a year. Knowing what hairstyle you want for your big day helps you plan and execute every hair hack known to man to get that major mane of luscious long glossy locks you’ve been dreaming of.

Here are some of my top tips to regain your mane!


Healthy, strong hair starts from within. Along with your Multivitamin add supplements like Silica, Biotin and Viviscal. These products will help with promoting less shedding, more strength, faster growth and added thickness to each strand. Yes they do work! Your nails will also get a boost! Why are you waiting?

Hair care products

Today, we know more about hair than ever. Those in the know will tell you wash your hair less and using shampoo is very harsh and strips your hair of its natural oils that protect it. Use a Cleanser (no, not Pert) 2 in 1 like Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner to nourish your hair instead.

Less heat and styling

I had a moment of over processing my hair and boy did I regret it. Hats and alternative styling became my friend. Step away from the searing heat from those tools and braid, pony it or slick it back. Heat will cause breakage that will make your hair shorter and brittle. Once a week is fine to use hot tools, head over to you tube for some hairstyle inspo and the seasons hot looks.

Comb when wet

Hair is super fragile and snaps so easily when its wet, so make sure once you have washed your hair, only use a super wide tooth comb to detangle it while wet. I only use an Afro comb to detangle my hair PERIOD! You’ll wonder why you even own a brush! Less stress on your strands and no breakage means thicker hair.

Don’t over process

This is my sad tale. I have had two horror experiences with colourists. HORROR! Once- where my hair broke off all around the top of my head and I had to cut it all off to an inch long. Another where I went to a couple of different hair colourists and because they weren’t familiar with what was previously done- over coloured it and gave me a ‘chemical cut!” LESS IS MORE! Stay with one stylist and work out a colour plan and stick to it.


Did you know that Emu Oil is awesome for hair growth and shine? It is highly penetrable oil and can carry nutrients into the skin helping hair grow faster! Make sure you find a product with emu oil in for faster results. If you are vegan, coconut oil and Jamaican Black Castor oil are awesome! They increase hair growth, hair regrowth, add thickness, and provide nutrients to the hair follicles. Their conditioning qualities also make detangling the hair much easier, and the oil even boosts blood flow to the scalp. Adding oil to the hair is beneficial because it encourages the hairs natural oils to develop and nourish the hair.

Cold Water Blast

At the end of each shower blast your hair with cold water to help lay the cuticle flat which smooths the hair and stop moisture from escaping. This also prevents heat damage when styling.

And there you have it! Now get growing, ladies! For more of my tips and trick for long hair, check out my blog post on how to style your long hair for your wedding.