Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

Blushing bride: Best Blushes by Skin Tone

With the biggest celebration of your life approaching, finding your perfect wedding makeup to compliment your loved up look is high on the agenda. Subtle soft flushes to exotic bold blushes add life to every bride in her dream wedding dress on her special day. Knowing and choosing the right color for your wedding makeup will make sure you radiate and sparkle.  With your cheeks on point and wearing the wedding dress that will set your heart on fire, these tips will ensure that your dream of happily-ever-after is as perfect as the beautiful blushing bride about to walk down the aisle.


Your fair complexion looks luscious when you apply colors that sound like delicious ice cream tones, or pastel colors/blushing tones that are muted and soft. Think soft pink, peaches and cream, light corals, rosewoods or dusty roses. Powdery muted tones suit you best. Nothing too bold or bright as this will overwhelm your delicate skin tone. Remember light skin tones stay with the lighter colors.



My favorite picks for fair skin are:

InexpensiveSephora collection blush So Shy, Sonia Kashuk Crème blush 03, NYX Rouge Crème Blush Natural

Moderate Nars Sex Appeal, Tarte Amazonian clay 12 hr blush Peaceful, Kevyn Aucoin glow duo No.2

Luxury By Terry Rose Melba, Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to swish blush Ecstacy, Serge Lutens Beaute Blusher 2



Your golden complexion looks alive and all aglow when you add a medium warm tone to it. Think medium peaches, pinky corals, apricots and terracottas. Any blush with a hint of golden shimmer (not glimmer) will look sensational on you.  A medium olive skin stays within the medium range of colors – not too bright and not too soft.


My favorite picks for medium olive skins are:

Inexpensive Sonia Kashuk Rosey, L’Oreal True Match blush in Spiced plum, Nyx Rouge Crème Blush Tickled

ModerateNars blush Torrid, Tarte Cheek stain Blushing Bride

Luxury Dolce and Gabbana Apricot, Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Blush 300, RMS Beauty Lips to cheek Modest



Your beautiful honey brown or dark skin will light up with exotic and spicy tones such as bright coral pink tones, deep fuchsias, magentas and burnt oranges. Bright and bold colors suit you best and add life to your complexion. Dark skins stay with strong colors, nothing cool as this makes the complexion look ashy.


My favorite picks for dark skins are:

InexpensiveRevlon Crème blush Coral Reef, IMAN cosmetics Luxury Blushing powder POSH, NYX Rouge crème blush Hot Pink

Moderate Makeup forever Tangerine, Nars Matte Multiple SIAM, Urban Decay afterglow 8 hr blush Bittersweet

LuxuryBurberry fresh glow blush 01 & 03, Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to swish blush The Climax



Where to apply your blush depends on your face shape, so understanding your face shape will help you position the blush correctly and add dimension to your face.

OVAL : When applying blush to an oval shaped face you should sweep the the color in an upwards stroke towards your temples and towards your hairline.

LONG: To balance length and give your face width you must apply your blush more horizontally almost to your ears.

SQUARE:  A square face needs softening and so by adding your blush in small circles on your apples of your cheek you will help soften your stronger jawline.

ROUND: Follow the cheekbone when applying your blush as it will draw the eye in and slim the face. On top of your cheekbone on a 45 degree angle.