Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

Best Curling Irons for Tousled Waves

One of the easiest but sexiest bridal hairstyles you can recreate for your special day is tousled waves.  When supermodel Gisele Bundchen sashayed down the catwalk with this sublime AND TOTAL #HAIRGOALS  hairstyle, women all over the world clambered to find out the sexy star’s secret! Sexy, undone, tousled waves will always be the perfect go-to hairstyle for any bride to wear,  as you can add braids, wear it half up half down or with a floral headpiece or a whimsical hair accessory. There are literally thousands of hair tutorials on YouTube showing you the best way to curl your hair and wear it effortlessly. But we know that when it comes to beauty, the tools you choose are everything! So what are the best tools in the business to recreate this sexy wedding hairstyle?

These tools will have you looking as fierce and sexy as Giselle on your walk down the aisle.


METAL-Puts out positive ions that open the hair cuticles and can burn the hair-so beware of the temperature when using the metal wands.

CERAMIC-these produce negative ions that seal the hair cuticle and repels humidity (yay no frizz!)

TOURMALINE-creates a smooth finish with shine.

IONIC-seals in your natural oils which maintains good hair health and shine.



When it comes to barrel size… The size really does matter. A smaller barrel for example like a 3/8 or 5/8 inch barrel will produce tighter curls that initially look a little crazy and corkscrew-like in appearance but can have longevity once fully brushed out. Best for a hair type that doesn’t hold curls well. A 2-inch barrel will be a large wave not curl with less holding ability.

There are approximately 7-8 different barrel sizes from 3/8-2 inch barrel. Lets’ just talk about the single barrel curling wand sizes.

These are

3/8-this produces a tight springy curl.

5/8-a taut curl is produced with this barrel size

¾-this would produce a slightly larger spiral curl

1-this is still a curl just much larger-curly and glamorous

1.25-curly but extends to a wave

1.5-this adds good volume and bounce. A softer wave.

2-this large barrel adds a larger looser wave-not great for hold.


  1. HOT TOOLS-these are inexpensive and many stylists go to. They are metal but if you’re on a budget I’d recommend these. I have 3 myself!
  2. HARRY JOSH PRO TOOLS celebrity hairstylist to the stars Harry Josh is Giselle Bundchen’s mane man-enough said?! His range will give you supermodel worthy waves and you’ll look cute doing it! Just look for the mint green wand!
  3. H2Dhaircare- obsessed with this multi attachment curling wand. I own this and its’ never let me down. I have everything I need to attach to one wand. Great for travel and saves on space.
  4. THE BEACHWAVER-This rotating curling wand leaves you with red carpet ready glamorous waves. It does rotate in 2 directions. You’ll see this wand backstage at the Victoria Secret Show every season. Says it all really?
  5. GHD curling iron-known the world over as one of the best hair tools brand, this curling iron is used by some of the world’s most influential hairstylists. More on the luxury end of the hot tool market but worth every penny.