Beat the Heat: Heatless Hairstyles for Summer

Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

Beat the Heat: Heatless Hairstyles for Summer

No time? No skills? No heat? No worries! These heatless hairstyles are perfect for destination weddings, honeymoons, holidays by the sea. Bad hair days are a thing of the past with so many cute and playful looks that can be achieved sans heat! There are literally hundreds of looks you could try incorporating into your hair repertoire with no heat or tools. Braids will for sure be your best friend, adding the most texture and interest to your hairstyle. One of my favourite chic hair accessory companies I’ve mentioned before is Jen Atkin/ Chloe+Isabel and these sexy cool pieces will elevate any look in a heartbeat and take you from the surf to the city effortlessly.

There are a few basic product suggestions that work for all length hair and that will help you say Bye Bye to hot tools.


IGK Call Time Styling Primer
This replaces your heat protectant, texturizing spray, sheen, hydrating spray and volumisers. Apply to damp or dry hair. Allow to air dry while scrunching.

IGK Rich Kid
This is awesome for air drying. It’s a coconut oil gel. Add to damp or dry hair.

The Ouai Matte Pomade
Gives hold and helps piece out your hair-giving great separation. Add to damp or dry hair. Take a quarter size portion and rub in both hands, evenly distributing throughout the hair to add control and texture.

Some Ideas for Heatless Hairstyles:

Braids are truly the greatest way to spice up your look and there are infinite ways to execute them. Remember there is no one way to braid your hair-ANYTHING GOES! You can braid, fishtail, twist, twist then braid those twists! So this look does not look too tight, always remember to finish the braid then while holding the base of the braid, pull it apart adding texture and volume. You can loosely pull your hair from either side of your head and secure at the back of your head. Then take the tail of your pony and poke it above and through your hair above the elastic and pull back down. Braid for a few inches then taking two more pieces from the sides, repeat the above instructions. There is no wrong way. Have fun-be creative. Braid one side for an A-symmetrical look.

I love sleek looks for the evening. So effortlessly cool. Sleek hair looks so pulled together and high end. This can be worn in a ponytail, low or high bun or even half sleek then add some texture to your ends. I love the wet sleek hair out look-pushed back off the face like you have just stepped out of the ocean. So sexy.

Half Up – Half Down
This look is the best of both worlds. You can loosely sweep back your hair and tie at the crown, leaving some out framing your face. Then split the pony end in two. Twist both ends separately and pin as two separate rosettes at the back of your head. Scrunch some pomade through the ends of the hair to make it separate. You can braid either side of your head and meet them in the back of your head. Loosen the braids to add volume and texture. Lightly web the base of your hair for extra volume.