Bachelorette Party Glam

Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

Bachelorette Party Glam

Soft, romantic looks need not apply for this night of fun and frivolity. Leave that for your wedding day! This night is the night when you and your beloved besties let your hair down and laugh and dance the night away! Modern, chic and bold is the order of the night- let the bright lights guide you as you dance the night away in high style with a playful twist and who best to give that nod to than the High priestess of makeup Pat McGrath! Pat rules the runways with her extraordinary makeup looks and one of my favorite playful and sexy looks to date are her cult favorite Lust 004 and this is lip luxury at its finest. It’s a layerable, customizable set of highly pigmented matte lipsticks, clear vinyl gloss, metallic gold pigment and mesmerizing micro fine glitter designed to take your lip game up to “this is EVERYTHING level”. The kit made its first appearance in Paris and has been making waves ever since. Think of these kits as little ruby red slippers for your lips!

The beauty of this look is that’s its high impact but scintillatingly stylish. This look is best with a neutral muted eye, simple and beautiful then add some subtle contouring to your cheeks and face. Keep and modern and clean brow and two coats of mascara, leaving the false lashes at home. Think fiery luscious lips! Lust 004 comes in Vermillion Venom, Flesh and Bloodwine a sinfully and salacious cocktail of lustful lips! Glamorous and dramatic!

How to apply:
1. Swipe on one of the matte lip color or if you dare to be bold create a custom ombré effect with all the lust lip colors’!
2. Slick over your custom creation your vinyl lip gloss for maximum shine and hold.
3. With your finger or damp brush layer on the metallic gold pigment over or under the gloss or both!
4. Press on the micro fine glitter for lip intensity and sparkle.